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Little effort = big changes!!

Sometimes the tiniest things make the biggest impact.  Sort of like a love note you find on a post it.  Tiny note but big meaning!

I have been working really hard on my to do list I mentioned here.  Really focusing on how to reduce unneeded stress in my life.  I so wish things like a ladder left out didn't stress me out, but they do and I need to make sure I remove as many of these in my daily life as I can.  I seem to be an in the moment "let me start moving things" and then life kicks in and I am left with a mess.  Yes, stupid plan ... I know!

As I cross off things from the master to do list I am truly enjoying all the little things that are getting done.  Some of them are not exciting enough to share, like change the bulbs in the chandy in the entry, but others are blog worthy.  Or, at least I think they are!

The dining room has been a struggle for me for a while.  I have tossed between changing the pink (shocking I know) and changing the drapes (another bad plan) and then I decided to go ahead and paint the chairs white and recover them and then see how I feel.  I also moved some blue and white porcelain in and clustered it and immediately fell in love.  This plan is completely working!

I also scored these amazing white lamps for the dining room.  The shades need fabric ... but these lamps are perfect!!!  

I have disliked the sofa in the den for ages.  It was odd, beige (the dreaded color) and didn't fit my decor at all.  I really wanted a white one or a green velvet.  And then I spotted this one and fell in love.  It clashes with my side chairs but the Hubs liked it and said "we can always slipcover it in white".  That was a win, win answer for me!  Welcome home adorable floral sofa.  You will be very happy here!

I had a bunch of pictures propped in the book cases that needed to be hung.   I had left them there after the wallpaper was hung waiting for it to cure before I nailed things into it.  Then it sat for months.  I know ... #lame.  Finally got around to it last week.  It is amazing how crossing off little things make such a big difference.

Ps ... how cute are my babies?  Sigh!

I loved the pair of yellow chests in the office, but the hardware was just not working for me.  It was ok, but they needed something fabulous. 

I headed to D Lawless Hardware and found these and can you beat the price?  16 of these babies and I adore the result!!!  Hello lion head pulls!  

Found these elephant planters in my work room while I was tidying up.  I have two, this one and a larger one that is now happy in its new home in the powder room.  He is large enough to hold three roses and then this one here in the foyer.  It was a happy find when I cleaned up the basement ... and a total win, win!!

Happy changes ... don't you think!!!  


  1. It is amazing how the littles things can make such a big impact. And, they are doable!!

  2. I love all the little changes. Sometimes something so small makes a huge difference to us.

  3. I love your style, fierce attitude , but above all your self-deprecating sense of humor . By the way, the ladder thing (and much smaller issues) get under my skin as well.

  4. Right after I type this I'm headed to purchase those lion head pulls. It truly is all about the details and yours are divine. Keep your head up and chip away at your big goals.



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