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HappyTuesday ... #weekendupdate

Holy Cow!  What a long and exciting few days it has been!!

Between the Parker Kennedy Warehouse sale on Friday and Saturday and graduation party on Sunday at the lake ... this mama is down right pooped!

First the sale ... all I have to say is WOW!!!

We started the morning early on Friday after setting up late into the day on Thursday.  I was pooped but a grande extra shot latte started me off right the next morning.

I took my oldest along to help out who is still in shock over the amount of people that shopped Friday morning.  There were people every. where.  It was amazing.  So much great stuff and so many fun and cute people to meet.  I loved every single second!

I even snuggled the cutest baby girl ... I may have tried to keep her, but the oldest reminded me that his Daddy would probably notice me trying to sneak her into the house.   Unlike all the other things I do to the house that he seems to be blind to on most days. 

Looking at the warehouse on Saturday afternoon I can not believe how much was sold.  Massive amounts of smalls and tons of furniture.  Great stuff all going to good homes!  It was crazy good ... and I didn't bring home one single thing.  Aren't you so proud of me?  

Oh wait ... I did add my name to some new bar stools.  Sorry ... I forgot about those!

Warehouse sale mode quickly turned into party prep mode on Saturday morning when I needed to get all the stuff ready to transport to the lake.  

We held the boys graduation party at the yacht club at Lake Alatoona, which turned out to be the most amazing spot to host.  It was so picturesque and for the most part storm free since Atlanta was having quite a large and powerful thunderstorm at the exact same time!

I loved every single thing about this spot on the lake.  It was quiet, except for our crew, and absolutely breathtaking.  

And trekking back and forth wasn't bad at all if you add in a top down in the Jeep and a Lucky Buck!  Add on my favorite tassel bracelets and you have a triple win for sure. 

Even the bridge to the club is amazing ... 

We set up on Sunday just before the weather turned sketch ... but luckily for us it was all wind and very little rain and everything I had pulled together for set up turned out to be perfect.  

These tubs from Target worked perfectly for beer and wine.  I added some chalkboard signs from the Dollar Spot, some striped grosgrain ribbon and a few vinyl touches to make them party worthy.  

Even the matching blue cooler got a sign.  It made it so easy for me to be able to relax and let the guests help themselves to drinks.  To the left of the beer and wine we placed a tray for sodas and tea but since they all arrived in 2 liter bottles I didn't snap a pic.  

These darling napkins from Natalie Chang were perfect!  They matched our gingham table cloths perfectly and the saying allows me to use them all summer long.  

Catered BBQ, white hydrangeas and flags I borrowed from inside the club and we had a party!

While I sat in white rocking chairs and caught up with dear friends and family the kids had the best time ... 

Corn hole, lake swims and boat rides for hours ...   

They could not have had a better time and I enjoyed every single second of it all.  So much so that I snapped very few pictures which makes me sad, but clearly we were enjoying ourselves too much to stop and take pictures.  

I will call that a win!

Happy Graduation 2015!

What an amazing weekend it was!


  1. Congrats again to your son. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

  2. Well done Paige! And congrats to your son!

  3. The drink labels are adorable! Where did you find those vinyl letters?



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