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Vintage Sunnies ...

I absolutely adore sunglasses!  Well ... who doesn't really?

It's an accessory and any woman is drawn to accessories and of course a good pair of sunnies can make your whole outfit.  A lot like an amazing pair of shoes!  

My favorite all time glasses are those I have scored while thrifting ... and I must say, they are the most complimented pairs I have.  But I can't always head out thrifting and come home with an amazing pair of sunnies so I decided to check out some online sources for vintage sunnies.  

I must say ... I gravitate toward the tortoise and cat eye styles so of course, that is what I have gathered for today but the sources I found have plenty of other styles for you to peruse. 

Etsy was my first stop ... and I found some adorable options!  

Tortoise, check.  Cat eye, check.

Amazing shape, check.

Vintage Sunglasses Shop was also a great source.  So many frames to weed thru but of course I found some amazing selections!

Gorgeous light tortoise, check.

Old school Ray Bans, check.

And my final stop at Giant Vintage ... the selections were endless!

These would be perfect with white shorts, chambray pop over and darling bright wedges ... dinner alfresco please!

I love the blue tint to these lenses ... cute summer dress, hair pulled back, #yesplease!

So fun!  And I must say ... that bang is speaking to me!

Cute, small round frame with darling metal sides.  Hmmm ... 

And of course, my favorite pair ... 

These need to come live with me stat!

Do you have a favorite pair of sunnies?  

Do share!

All images can be found here.


  1. Love all the fun vintage looks! You girl can definitely pull them off!!

  2. You had me at tortoiseshell!



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