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White House Wednesday ... Issue No.2

In my dreams and hopes of one day being able to paint our forever home white ... 
once again I bring you another week of WHW!! 

And we could literally continue this series for months and my love for white house with black shutters would only grow stronger!  I am a sucker for a white house!

Sigh ... 


Dream with me ... won't you please!!!

Thank you so much for signing up for the vintage swap ... here are the partners!

Dixie Delights ~ Colorlinks (Anne Smith)
Aunt Grits ~ West of the Square Designs (text me girls!!)
Dimples & Tangles ~ The Pink Clutch
Confetti Style ~ Pursuing Vintage
Holly ~ The Main Street Gallery
Christa D ~ Marsha Jones
Melissa Fitch ~ Tracy Evans (Tracy ... can you email Melissa please!)

Just to remind you ... all items need to be purchased and shipped by Wednesday, July 1 so that each participant has enough time to blog or post about their happy all styled up by July 7,  I will post a link up so that we can all share what we received and I can shop each post for my winners!!

I am excited to launch this swap and hope you are too!!  You can find email addresses for your partners on the Vintage Swap post (link above) and if you need me for anything ... email me directly ...!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I too love a white house with black shutters. My grandparents lived in a beautiful old white house with a wraparound porch when they lived in NY. Still brings back fond memories. Oh, and it had a white picket fence too!!

  2. Yay! I was so excited that I went out shopping today, thinking that if I didn't have any luck I'd have a few more days to shop and instead came home with 2 great options! Hope my partner likes my purchases as much as I do!

  3. I have always loved white houses with black shutters. The house my parents bought when I was in 1st grade was a beautiful Victorian with just that color scheme, and even though we only lived there a handful of years before moving overseas I always considered it where I "grew up". Someday I hope to own my own, maybe after the kids are grown...

  4. Hi Paige,

    I'm really excited about participating in the swap. I do need a little more direction. I have emailed my partner to get her website, but I have not heard from her. I'd like to know what she likes. Would you please send me that information if you have it? Also, I did not receive your email announcing the partners so I went to your website and when you click on the link it is not working. I tried sending you an email this morning to the email you provided and the email not working either. Just FYI. My email is Is there a budget?

    1. Good morning!!! I didn't set a budget since I have been able to find such amazing things at such great prices. Use your discretion. The email that is linked to my blog is down but email me at!!! I don't think she has a blog but will be participating via Instagram! Her email is and she is on Facebook as Christa DonnellyDesign. Hope that helps. If you need me, email me!! xo

  5. LOVE these pictures! My mom was always telling me to paint our brick home white.... I guess I'll have to add it to my list now - your collection of images is very inspiring!

  6. Hey girlie - the vintage swap link isn't there any more! xo



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