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Haven roundup ...

Haven was incredible!!!  Way more than I could have ever imagined it would be.  I am home and catching up on life and sleep, but it was worth every single second of learning, fellowship and late nights!

Our last two days in a nutshell and in pics ... 

Hanging out with the fabulous Suburban Bitches is always a good thing!

Snacks of pure sugar are needed when you are super sleepy!!

Ps.  Bar carts make amazing candy bars ... 

Worked with Modern Masters to chose a front door color ... 

and pulled the plug on the orange front door!  


Met the amazing Amy Howard and ordered her lacquer spray for two projects in the house!

Aren't they to die for?

Gained knowledge and inspiration for outdoor projects from The Home Depot!

Gained a serious crush on Home Decorators Collection after spotting this living room recreation.  

That rug is di-vine!

Found Skipper's fun picture at The Home Depot DIY wall of fame ...

Isn't she the cutest?


Sat down for a power pow pow in the cafe and made commitments to grow our brands!  When you are on a path you need a plan and a partner to hold you accountable.  

One that likes Lilly and champs is the perfect choice!

Played with selfie sticks and giggled with the most creative people!

Silly selfies for days ... 

Enjoyed the most amazing sunsets in our magical city ... this one could not be captured in photos.

But ... I tried!

Dinner at Gypsy Kitchen, more selfies and, of course, ... the fun photo bomber.


Introductions to crazy fun products like a Yoga Bed ... and ps ~ super comfy!

Incredible sessions where the one space you can sit is on the floor.  

I recommend iced coffee and jordan almonds for each session!

Creative power talks with people who tell you that you are ~

1.  Awesome
2.  Incredible 
3.  Brilliant
4. Barely tapping into your awesomeness

Karianne is the most adorable friend and one of the highlights for me at each Haven.  Her blog is inspiring, hilarious and just down right brilliant.

And lastly one more dinner out with fun friends ... 

Margaritas, cheers, girl chat and more giggles than we should be allowed to have!

A fun closing party with dancing, last toasts and, of course, a super fun late night trip to the Sprinkles ATM.  Is there any other way to end a girls weekend?

I am inspired and full of ideas to expand my brand.  Two more weeks of summer (how can it almost be over) and then I will be working on the blog full time!  I'm excited to see what lies ahead ...

And thank you so much for your precious comments and praise for our family news.  Sadly the evening I posted the plan changed once again and the hubs is back on the road.  I am thrilled that he is needed and valued in his profession, but of course I am so sad and defeated on the personal side.  

God has a plan and I still choose faith over fear!

Happy Sunday ...


  1. Great recap Paige. Once again sorry to miss out on all the fun, but we are having our own kinda fun here on the home front. Excited to see what is in the future for you! Will be praying for you as you readjust to your sweet hubby being back on the road. You have a great attitude, love that about you!! P.S. No kicking and screaming anyhow...that foot needs to heal!! ;-)

  2. It was fun to see your photo recap. I am excited to check out your blog.

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome time! I know I was inspired following along on instagram. I am going next year for sure! I just bought some Amy Howard spray laquer to do a chair. I am so lucky that my local Ace Hardware carries her full line and runs her instrucitonal video on a loop.


  4. Loved meeting you! I too am committed to growing my brand. I know we can do it. We are Haven Mavens and we can do anything!

  5. SOOO nice to meet you at Haven, sweet girl! Love your blog and am now following along!


  6. This makes me WISH so much that I had been there! It looks like summer camp for adults! So so fun! You're all so lovely!



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