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Inspiration du jour ... #sassypants

Ever feel like this?  I am super sassy today ... ready to tackle the days and have an amazing week!

Maybe its because we had a great family week ... maybe it is because we are headed to the lake this coming week and I am super excited about that.  I don't know.  I just know I have my sassy pants on and I am ready to tackle the world!  

(oh, those aren't sassy pants ... those are jams!)

It's the first day of school for public schools today and the middle one is up, out the door and ready for his first day of 8th grade.  

And ps ... he is almost taller than me.  When did that happen?

I am 100% not ok with school starting this early ... so on advice from Jane Geller ... I am looking at the next four weeks as educational camp and then spending each evening and weekend full on thinking it is still summer until Labor Day when all child should be heading back to school. 

Don't you agree?

Just as I went to take this picture he said  ~ Don't miss me too much today ... I will be making a ton of new friends and looking for the next girl in my life!

Yes, that is my full hearted middle child.  Full of himself and a huge lover of anything female!

I surprised the kids last night and took them to see Mission Impossible.  Completely outside the norm for me to forgo a responsible evening of laundry and snack prep the day before school.  We didn't get home until almost 10, but the fun was worth every single second I was squeezing out of summer vacay.  And the movie was awesome!  Kids loved it and I enjoyed every second.  Sometimes you just have to do things you wouldn't do to live your life.  

And we have been doing a lot of that lately ... and I love it.

I'm off for an amazing day!  I just ordered this baby (on sale!!) and I get to pick it up tonight ... my office will be better for it!  

And who doesn't love pink?

Happy Monday!


  1. Great outlook Paige! Cannot believe the buses are already rolling today. My oldest had to report for pre-planning. The kids in our area go back next week. CRAZY!! Hope your middle one has a fantastic first day back. Cannot wait to see the chair in your office. Gonna be amazing!

  2. Oh my goodness, my 24 yr old son is a middle child and never met a bumper he didn't like (cuz he can see his good lookin' reflection, you know). Your son is a riot and mine just moved out of the house over the weekend. Milestones! never ending when you're a mom.



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