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Summer Cocktails ...

Summer was made for relaxing.  The long days and lack of schedules are perfect for family and friend time.  It is my favorite time of the year since it is built for soaking up quality time with those you love.
Summer cocktails may be one of my favorites of the whole year.  Well ... excluding punch at holiday parties.  I am a big fan of anything in a punch bowl!!

I have compiled a list of my current favorite cocktails in rotation this summer ... not in any particular order since they are all equally fabulous!!

Chin, chin!

Margaritas ~

Margaritas are truly best enjoyed sharing with a group of friends while sitting on the porch.  This is one of my favorite past times, sitting and giggling with my dearest friends!  

This margarita recipe makes a pitcher is down right yummy!

Dress your glasses with a slice of lime and a slice of orange just like the photo above ... and of course a salted rim and a fancy striped straw!

Ole ... 

The Paloma ~

Of course, all yummy drinks start with a cute glass and a great napkin ... 

Blanco Tequila
Izze Sparkling Grapefruit soda 
Healthy squeeze of fresh lime juice

Slice of Lime

Honeysuckle Lemonade ~

Cathead Honeysuckle Lemonade
Simply Orange Lemonade
Splash of soda 
Basil leaf muddled in bottom of glass

Mint sprig
Lemon wheel for garnish
Fancy striped straw

Sunshine Dazzler ~

Orange Juice
Cathead Mango Lemonade
Honeysuckle Vodka
Splash of Champagne 

Slice of orange
Fancy striped straw

Share you faves ... what are you sipping on to enjoy the end of these long and glorious days?


  1. Nothing better than a back porch happy hour in the summer!!! I've been enjoying Pink Sunset Delights ( ) and Easy Vodka Mojitos ( )

  2. Paige, we met you at Haven and think you would love this one: It's your colors and tastes great!



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