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Inspiration du jour ... #annyweekend

We are home.  Rested, relaxed and renewed for sure.  I am here to report to you that one long weekend can change the course of your entire marriage.  

Of course, for the better!

 We left late Thursday afternoon and traveled just 90 or so minutes to the Ritz-Carlton Lodge on Lake Oconee.  If you aren't familiar with the Atlanta area, Lake Oconee is a large lake that many from the city retreat to for the weekend.  It's close, gorgeous and of course, on the water!

We arrived too late for dining with a reservation in our favorite restaurant, so we opted for room service and sharing the cozy love seat while enjoying our first meal of the weekend.  Grilled salmon Caesar salad and a bourbon cocktail ... always a good choice for moi.  We slept well and I even slept in (what?!?) and then started our weekend adventure.

The Lodge is a semi circle built around an amazing green space area facing the lake.  It is quiet, serene and of course has the same level of service know for the Ritz.  If you want it, they will bring it to you.  If they don't have it, they will find it.

What more could you ask for?

For us ... the weekend was all about quiet time together without any interruptions.  As you know the Hubs travels most weeks.  Our small 48+ hours together make it hard to truly spend any time together.  We most play catch up and if the truth be told, mostly I am frustrated.  It is hard having my husband on the opposite coast most weeks.  I have been told many times I just need to get used to it, but honestly I don't want to.  I want to want my husband with me and I don't want to adjust to his absence in a way I will not want him home.  Yes, I am capable and can run our house on my own. I try to do it without complaining since I know he is working hard for us.  But ... it still is hard to have him gone.  My other half isn't with me.

But for the better part of four days he was nothing but with me.  And it was glorious.  We slept well, we ate long meals and chatted.  We shopped as he planned two day trips.  We swung in the hammock, we sat and gazed at the stars by the lake.  We just relaxed and soaked each other up.  We ate way too many s'mores and he taught me the proper way to roast the most perfect marshmallow.  It killed him to watch so many people simply burn their marshmallow to roast it.  He is a patient perfectionist in the kitchen.  Or with a fire.

 At one point he asked me if I would marry him again.  Would I chose to say yes being able to see ahead 20 years.  Three kids, well actually, four, one special ed, travel, hard times and all.
I responded with a hands down YES.  I would not want to walk this path with anyone else.  This man loves me and loves me unconditionally.  Life isn't perfect and I am blessed to be loved by a man that hopes I never change.

 We celebrated 20 years and as we were leaving on Sunday a large storm rolled in.  The rain and wind were so strong it was hard to see.  The trees were bending with the winds and the rain was blowing in sideways.  And it seemed like the perfect end to a long weekend together.  We got married on August 26, 1995 in a hurricane.  Yep.  A hurricane.  It rained and stormed every single minute with the exception of the hour we took our wedding photos.  My grandmother used to say that if it rains the day you get married you are lucky.  I think she was trying to make me feel better since it was water everywhere I looked and not the kind with a shore.  

But as we were waiting for our car on Sunday after lunch I thought about what she said and it made me smile.  Yes, I was standing in a sea of people waiting for our car holding my luggage while others complained about driving home in a storm just smiling.

It was lucky that day, and 20 years later, it is still luck.

I just prefer to call it blessed!


  1. This place is amazing!!! We stopped by while visiting Cuscawilla for a family reunion a few years ago. Can't wait to go back. Happy belated anniversary. xoxo

  2. You are one very lucky woman - and its wonderful that you still appreciate each other so much!

  3. What a happy post! My daughter was married in April, on a very rainy day. She had chosen an outdoor venue, and the rain stopped long enough for the staff to wipe off the chairs, and we had the wedding out doors, in the spot she had been dreaming of for her wedding. Someone told her that rain is good luck on your wedding day, and the owner told her that the photos are best on rainy days. It was a happy day! Her hubby is in the Army; I hope they are as happy as you are in 20 years. Thanks for sharing.



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