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Weekend details ...

I promised you a post on our weekend ... you didn't think I would leave you with that one post.

Did you?

Oh no, I have pictures galore and some of my favorite details.  

For bloggers, its all about the pictures and the details.  At one point I was snapping a picture of my iced coffee outside a darling spot and I could see people checking me out.  A simple "she's a blogger" always fixes those moments!

So Thursday started off beautifully ... shorts, cute shirt and weekend bag!  Headed for a mani and then to the warehouse for our weekly The Cellar sale.  I left the boys about 3 ish for our trip to Lake Oconee and they lovingly covered the rest of the sale and the invoicing for me.  #bestfriendsrock

Dinner in our room and this yummy drink was the perfect ending to a long, but great day. I am new to Wild Poppy juice drinks and this one along with the Peppermint Lemonade were ah-mazing.  

We slept peacefully and I even slept in which is very rare for me on a week day.  My mother clock goes off starting at 6 am and I can't seem to turn it off.  We left the older boys in charge for the weekend and they were beyond what we imagined.  They followed my instructions to the T and even grocery shopped (they were asked), loaded and unloaded the dish washer (one hoped) and sent me texts back when I asked with statements like "we are perfect, have fun".  

It was almost too good to be true!

We left the room about 9 ... dressed in shorts, shirts (popover for moi) and I was asked to wear comfortable shoes.  I am still struggling with two shoes after breaking the left foot, but these were ok for the weekend.  I will be so happy when my foot doesn't ache or swell any more.  It just isn't 100 percent yet.  #ugh

Ok ... breakfast is my favorite meal of the day when I don't have to make it.  The yogurt at the Lodge is by far my favorite thing they serve.  I make one, or three, too many trips for the same concoction of yogurt in my parfait glass.  It is hands down the best yogurt I have ever eaten.  From left to right ... the choices are Citrus, Plain and Vanilla.  I only eat the Citrus because it is the best!  The other two choices are good ... but just not the citrus.  

Their homemade granola and raspberry compote topped off with sliced almonds and berries is my go to combination.  I tell you ... I have this down to a science.  

And just looking at it makes me crave more.  It is just THAT good!!

The Hubs orders the same meal every where we go.  So, this will be my only photo of his #twoeggsovereasydrywheattoastandbaconbutbringmefruitinsteadofpotatoes meal.



We spent the remainder of Friday morning and most of the afternoon touring the little town of Greensboro.  We walked the streets, shopped in their darling antique stores and ate a late lunch at Cafe 44, which I highly recommend!  

The food is all made to order and it was so good.  It left me craving another bowl of soup and another peach scone.  If they had been open on Sunday when we left I would have popped in and purchased every baked good they had in the case.  Luckily for my shorts sake, they were closed!

The evening was spent completely low key with a nap for him, a book for me, a light dinner and a trip to the s'mores fire pit on the way back to our room.  I did not realize my husband was a s'mores snob.  He gets very upset when he sees people set their marshmallows on fire to roast them.  He says all that does is kill the outside and leave you with an non melted interior.   I thought he was just jabbering until he made me one.  

Oh holy moly ... there is a huge difference when you roast the marshmallow.  Needless to say I then stalked the fire pit for the next evening.  

Saturday started pretty much the same.  I ate too much yogurt, he ate his usual and we sat leisurely on the patio and enjoyed the not boiling temperatures while having coffee and chatting about topics that didn't include the kids or our schedule.  Pure bliss!

After breakfast I asked what he wanted to do.  Rent bikes, get a massage, lay by the pool?  He had planned a day of checking out all the small towns around us for me to shop for the business.  Some of you may think that goes against the idea of the weekend, but my husband knows me well.  He knows I love to hunt for vintage treasures while exploring a town.  He planned this for me and he spent his time investing in me and my business.  He couldn't have spoken my language more.  It was perfect!

We grabbed Starbucks at the resort and off we went!  This is his "I can't look at you unless you want to crash and die" face.  

Boys ... 

My favorite find of the day ... solid brass bow mirror with candle arms.  And those arms have holes for crystals.  I paid $6 for it after the 70% off sale.  I thought I was getting a huge steal at $20 something.  I see it hung in my house surrounded with plates or silhouettes.  Right now it is sitting on my dining room table begging to be hung!!!  I love it!

We stopped in Milledgeville, GA and I insisted we pop into Blackbird Coffee.  It was everything I hoped for and more!  Darling college town and amazing local coffee.  The best iced latte I have ever had.  In my weekend bag is a massive warm oatmeal cookie!  

This was the photo I was shooting as kids were heading in for studying and coffee.  They all looked at me like I was crazy.  Nope, just a blogger!

We got lost on the way back and missed our bourbon tasting at 3;30.  I was so bummed out.  This was the only thing he had wanted to do for the day.  But ... small towns, GPS loses service and we ended up in Sparta, GA with nada.  I am still sad ... but he was a total trooper and said let's just stop and get an early dinner on the way back and then we can just relax all evening.  

And we did ... 

We ate on the water, watched the sunset in chairs at the resort ... 

and then I proceeded to eat my weight in more s'mores.

But he kept making them, so I kept eating them!

They were perfectly roasted and when you pulled them off they were almost crunchy on the outside.  

OMG ... I need a fire pit and a staff to make these every weekend!


Sunday ... I know you are sick of my yogurt photos but you just do not understand the level of incredible tasting yogurt!!!

I had the Hubs research how to make yogurt and we find two recipes I want to try.  One you make in a crock pot and sit overnight, the other you make in mason jars.  Neither of them looks hard at all ... and both sound delish.  

Maybe that will curb my intense craving for more.  

After breakfast we laid in the hammock.  I could have fallen asleep swinging there, but I could hear a storm rolling in and they don't have late checkout on Sunday.


We walked back to our room and walked thru the door just as the rain rolled in rather quickly.

This bench was so simple and yet so perfect for the space!

We left about 1 and headed home ... we stopped in two more little towns for more shopping and I scored some of my favorites of the weekend.  The bottom platter was for Lance, and I so wanted to keep it for myself.  

The sign of a good gift.  #tearitfrommyhands

A pop into Sonic for road trip food ... and we arrived home just before 6.  A long, but very good day!

I was unpacked, in my jams and tucked in by 8.  I may have fallen asleep the moment I hit the bed.  We had an incredible weekend and just the time alone was the best.  We didn't even have to force ourselves to not talk about the kids ... which is good when you have been married for 20 years. 

I love this man and he loves me!  

Here's to 20 more!!

chin, chin!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Paige!! Sounds like it was an incredible weekend!! Wishing you many more years of happiness!

  2. P.S. I make yogurt often.....go for it! It's easy.

  3. So sweet! Glad you had a great get-away.



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