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Random Thoughts #82015

Can I get an AMEN?  

I have seen so many amazing things lately ... sometimes you just have to spill them out.

 I see it as a magazine I have dog eared and post it noted to death.  Sort of like the JC Penny catalog when I was little, and definitely the Sears toy catalog at Christmas. 


This play house is hands down the most darling thing I have ever seen.

Darling Cassie is on the cover of Redbook Magazine!  Holy Cow!  If that ever happened to me I would almost pass out every single time I spotted it at the store.  Can you imagine?

This cocktail has me dying for it to be Friday ... at 5 pm for sure!

And this one has me longing for fall crisp evenings!

Does anyone else absolutely live for these lip syncbattles?  I absolutely love them.  I am quite sure I would love Jimmy Fallon as my friend.  He is down right FUNNY.

This recipe makes me want to build a fire pit in my back yard and make s'mores every single night.  Of course if you added Nutella in it may take it to the next level for sure. 

I have one of these, thanks Louise, and love it!  But I never did met a leopard I didn't love!

This is by far my favorite new thing to collect.  It goes perfectly with all the color in my house.  Good thing, since I clearly needed something else to collect.  #hoarder

I have been wearing these earrings almost every day.  I won't surprise you at all when I tell you mine are tortoise, and they go with everything! Little Bit asked for some for her ... and they may be the best earrings for girls her age.  Christmas gifts for her friends ... check!

I just can't quit this image.  Every single thing about it makes me swoon.  

My favorite new follows on Instagram ... this one, this one and definitely this one!

One more day until the weekend!!!


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