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White House Wednesday ... Issue No. 3

A white house is a white house.  It doesn't need to be big to be perfect for me.  

In fact ... sometimes the smaller houses seem to be the most charming ... don't you agree?

This looks like a little country home ... maybe a guest house.  So incredibly charming!

Beach house for sure ... the touches of blue are subtle but incredible.  And the bike ... sigh.

Perfect first home ... love the porch and the darling front yard.  Add a picket fence and I am all in!

Another house by the ocean ... that porch just begs for time together watching the sun rise and set.

The old south ... the moss hanging from the trees.  That tiny little house in the back.  I am in love for sure.

The fence, the bike, the blue trim ... I may see this home in my dreams tonight. 

This would definitely be a lake house ... and I see a fire pit closer to the water with Adirondack chairs and long hours soaking in family time with pitchers of sangria.  

Don't you?

The shade in the back yard of this house would draw me right in ... I love what seems to be large developed trees enveloping the yard.  Another house where I see Adirondack chairs in a circle. 

And don't get me started on the striped awning.  It. Is. Amazing.

Possibly a beach house ... look at those darling striped lanterns.  I absolutely love them.

And my love affair with every white house I have ever seen grows deeper.  

One day I will paint my house white.  I promise you I will!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hubby and I were casually looking at houses last weekend. He pointed out that I said, "It would look so cute painted white" about nearly every house. Ha. :) The homes you have chosen are spectacular! Love each of them!

  2. Ooh! I just want to through on a fabulous gown and play "house" in that sweet little cottage.

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