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Leopard = neutral ... #ofcourse

I am not exactly sure when I fell in love with leopard but I know I feel fast and hard. 

It may have started with my insane love for tortoise which I know started in the 80s and grown from there ... they aren't that far apart in theory at all.

They are both dark and dreamy and go with anything at all.  The only thing I don't think I would pair them with is Lilly ... but if you give me enough time I can make that work, too.

I think my absolute favorite place to use leopard in the house is on the stairs.  I mean ... is this not drop dead gorgeous?

Or a whole room full of spots ... good Lord this is GOOD!!!

Pillows and throws are the perfect pop of animal print ... 

And these chairs?  There is nothing I don't love about them!!!  


And in clothes ... its belts and shoes for sure ... 

And these are sure to stop your heart for a minute or so ... 

Jackets?  oh, #yesplease

I am still on the hunt for a long jacket ... and if it was vintage it would be even better!!

And now apparently I need to add leopard sweater to my fall must have list!

Really ... leopard is a neutral, the perfect combination between brown and black.  And I will argue passionately with someone for quite some time who disagrees. 

How do you use leopard in your world?


  1. I love leopard. I don't have any in my home right now but I have long dreamed of a leopard print closet because it just seems so glam. Someone on TV once said blondes shouldn't wear animal print because it looks cheap. Ha! I think there is nothing more chic then wearing leopard the right way. I have several leopard pieces but my absolute favorite item is my pair of Michael Kors Driving Shoes in Leopard Print with Brass Tassels. I wear them with everything.

  2. I have the following: two pairs of flats and a pair of loafers, 1 clutch bag, 1 fake fur leopard coat (fabu! - Talbots last season) and at least one, if not two, scarves. I also have leopard scarves in a blue colorway and black & white colorway. As I have almost silver hair and blue eyes (and wear lots of red lipstick, of course!) it always looks great. I also have a Chippendale-style side chair painted in a black gloss and covered in dark pink and white leopard and a leopard footstool. And I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting but I love it and almost consider it a neutral. My new condo on Cape Cod is being done with my Chinoiserie that I have collected for years - so lots of red with blue & white with shots of chartreuse and, of course, leopard! And I also have some in my bedroom which is painted in "Peony" pink by Ralph Lauren that is the warmest and prettiest pink ever. So, you have a compatriot in leopard-love! Susan

  3. Leopard is terrific! I have a favorite pair of leopard shoes I'm excited to break out again now that it's fall. But looking at your collection of leopard photos - I'm thinking I need more leopard in my life!



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