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Inspiration du jour ... #girlbosses

I am always in awe of a strong, successful woman.  Not only are they inspiring but they are also so fascinating to me.  They have beat the odds, they have pushed thru the boundaries.  

They have succeeded.  
One of my favorite girl bosses is a dear friend of mine, Julianne Taylor.  If you are familiar with Taylor Burke Home then you know what I mean when I say amazing furniture and incredible company.  All of their furniture is made in the US and is customized to your needs.  Fall in love with a sofa but the size is wrong, they will change that.  Love the tufted ottoman but wish it was a different shape, they can make that happen.

I was lucky enough to attend the soft opening for Taylor Burke's debut at ADAC last Friday.  I knew I would love everything I saw, but I wasn't prepared for the eye candy that awaited me.  It was all I dreamed it would be for them ... and more!

The Taylor Burke Home signature black and white stripes could be seen prominently on the middle right wall, paired with an array of happy bright colors which happily compliments their stunning furniture. 

The TBH collection is paired with Mitchell Black art, Times Two Design lamps and accessories, Lacefield Designs for Taylor Burke Home fabrics and pillows for the perfect display.  I can't get over how well everything in the showroom marries.  That is just the versatility of all the elements involved.

Those lamps from Times Two Design ... I absolutely fell in love with them!

This Mulholland Lounger from TBH is one of my most favorite pieces.  Although it is available in any fabric your heart desires, the velvet speaks to my heart.

And the agate pieces from Times Two Design ... so good!  The vases may be one of my new favorite finds.  How amazing does that one look paired with bright gerbera daisies?


Hands down my favorite piece of TBH furniture are the Small X Benches.  And these in brass paired with navy and white?  I tried so hard to fit them in my bag before I left but then sadly remembered I wasn't carrying one.  

They are showstoppers for sure and the brass is the only way to go in my book!

Lacefiled Designs has created fabrics exclusively for TBH available only through ADAC.  You can purchase cut yardages to customize your Taylor Burke furniture. The entire Lacefiled Designs for Taylor Burke Home line is available for viewing in the TBH showroom at ADAC.  I may or may not have swooned over quite a few of the fabrics.  I absolutely love an exclusive line ... it makes me feel like I am choosing something even more special.

This round London Tufted Ottoman is on my bucket list.  That navy velvet is just incredible and this photo does not do it justice.  Paired with these incredible Times Two Design agate pieces stopped me in my tracks.  

Is it too early to make my Christmas list?

And will the Hubs notice if I only have agate pieces on it?

Every where I turned I found more and more things to fall in love with and more items I could picture in my home.  Couches, chairs, side tables, consoles, pillows, accessories galore. 

It was an eye candy overload.

A couple of my favorite things about the new TBH space.  

Everything in the space is cash and carry.  You fall in love with the navy velvet Guillaume Sofa ... pull out your credit card and load it in your SUV.  You can't live without those Times Two Design turquoise quartz lamps ... you can take them home today.  This is the only space at ADAC which offers this service.  So many retailers have long lead times and this is the one space you can rush in and grab that piece you must have and take it home today. 

What a luxury for sure.

Secondly, every single line available in the space are women owned companies.  There is something to be said for girl power.  One woman lifting another one up in a time where that doesn't always happen.  I love every single thing about this idea.  Don't get me wrong ... I am not a bra burner but I am a huge fan of one successful woman lifting another one up and pushing her to reach her full potential.  It doesn't happen often enough for my liking!

And of course ... we needed a photo before we left to make the day even more special for me!!

So happy for you Julianne ... you knocked it out of the park!!

But, I had absolutely no doubt you would!!

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  1. I am completely in awe of any successful woman. As a child of the 60's I believe we should all burn our bras, not as a statement of strength but one of comfort. I adore all of the items you have shared from Taylor Burke Home. Is it open only to the trade?



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