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The beginning of fall ...

Summer is gone ... and fall is just around the corner. 

sniff, sniff ...

I am sad to see my favorite season leave but I am always madly in love with fall a few weeks in ... so it is time to think about and start planning for the best season in Atlanta!

Since the first day of fall is September 23, and the weather here is still hot and muggy, I have a hard time changing gears quickly.  For me it is more of a gradual thing.  

First it starts with the grocery shopping ... 

the berries and citrus get replaced with Honey Crisp apples which are nothing short of incredible.  A crisp, sweet apple says fall for sure. 


The flower haul changes from just bright colored roses and hydrangeas to white roses and sunflowers.  

Sunflowers are the perfect fall flower.  Don't you agree?

The kitchen sees a change in decor as well ... they are subtle but the feeling of warmth starts to set in for sure. 

Gone are the citrus smelling candles in exchange for wood elements and chunkier pieces!

I have been so excited to add in our new Blue Flow pieces this year ... the rich blues are making me crave crisp evenings and the smell and sounds of a crackling fire!

The cookie jar is filled with oatmeal cookies ... and these can be eaten at any meal.  Plus, oatmeal cookies is one thing I can bake and not screw up. 

Warm oatmeal cookies for breakfast ... 


The table gets set with our traditional Blue Willow , but instead of bright colored spring and summer napkins it is adorned with heavier warmer colors.

The French dishes start to show themselves this time of year.  It won't be long before the French monogram plates show themselves!

And clothes ... oh yes, who can forget a good fall outfit?

My usual uniform of Lilly shorts and a polo gets traded out for denim popovers and gingham with solid shorts.  

And the gold Jack Rogers trade out for the tortoise ones .. no sense in giving up sandals all together!

Am I right?

And in a few weeks my fall wreaths will show themselves ... though it is time to make or buy a new one.  I don't think I can recycle the orange leaves another year!

This is where I am leaning ... thoughts?  

And on a Hermes orange door ... oh yes!!!!

Check out my fellow fall friends in their amazing posts.  I am loving the sneak peek into other amazing fall ideas!!

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Happy Thursday ... I can feel the weekend!


  1. Yeah! Happy fall!! Love the flowers, the cookies, the whole lot :)

  2. I totally agree a fall outfit makes fall more enjoyable. Today is the first cool day in NC and I am loving it. I loved your table decorations and flowers. Your pine cone wreath makes me long for days that are still to come. Thank you for being a part of the Fall Blog Hop- Autumn Gatherings. I have enjoyed seeing all of the posts and love the ideas I have jotted down to use in my own home :)

  3. I love your animal print napkins with your blue willow! Where did you find the leopard cloth napkins?

    1. They were a clearance item from Pottery Barn I found about a month ago. Good luck!!

    2. They were a clearance item from Pottery Barn I found about a month ago. Good luck!!

  4. Usually I associate sunflowers with Summer, but I'm definitely starting to see that they could be an Autumn flower! Great post.



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