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Inspiration du jour ... #handlettering

I am a sucker for almost anything personalized.  It's almost like it is in my DNA. If it can be monogrammed or personalized in any way at all I am immediately drawn to it. 

Yes, it is true, if I can write my name on it I will!

The name Natalie Chang is very popular in the gift and stationery world.  She is known for her incredible hand lettering and impeccable attention to detail.  I am incredibly lucky to not only know her as an incredible business woman, but also a precious and dear friend!

Talent beyond the imagination and truly the nicest person I have ever known.  It is not unlike her to be a guest in my home and make me an amazing dinner.  Or to take it one step further, to cook for me, leave it all labeled for dinner and leave me a note on how to warm it up as she is packing her car to head home.  My children think she is a fairy god mother as she has attended school functions and made incredible Valentine boxes.  The valentine she helped our middle child make last year earned him a girlfriend.  All of his friends would like her to help them as well.

Natalie is a gift, and one I don't take for granted.

As a business woman she is driven.  Her gifts are not only darling but easy to use. They even arrive ready to give as gifts, tied with the most adorable ribbons! Her new design of cups and napkins for the holiday season are my favorites by far.  We have used her Styrofoam cups for many a holiday and my favorite part about using them is how many comments I get.  Everyone loves their hand lettered details and of course, clean up is a breeze!

Since I started my holiday shopping early I went ahead and made my list of napkins and cups for my children's teachers.  I love gifting her products with their special, hand lettered messages.  I even order her napkin packs and reusable for hostess gifts.  What better gift to hand someone but a bright, happy, hand lettered pack of reusable cups.  You will be on next years list for sure!

Order your products early ... they sell out and you definitely don't want to miss out on her amazing designs!  

Oh, and follow her on Instagram, @changnatalie, for more insight into her pink, glittered world.   

You can thank me later!  xo

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