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Changes ... #goodones

Doesn't it always seem like when one thing changes in your house, everything changes.  It is definitely true for me.

When I made my get this crap done to do list at the beginning of the summer there were a few things on the list to be done to two rooms of the house.  The dining room needed some touch up paint (after I feel off a ladder and hit the wall) and a few changes and the powder room needed some serious love.  I have taken full advantage of the handy man and the painter and I am crossing things off the list like mad. 

It's a crazy time, but it is a good thing!!

The dining room was repainted in the same pink, my absolute favorite color I have ever chosen.  High gloss and fresh paint for the win!  The powder room needed some walls repaired and truly to be gutted, but I settled for a new fun color (Thank you Diff Miller!!) and my collection of silhouettes to make the space feel a little less 1980.  My collection of antique oils had grown into the perfect size for grouping on a wall and they landed on the back stairs and will be the perfect little end to the kitchen/breakfast room redo.  I love seeing them hanging together as I head out of the house.  

Things are getting done and details are getting crossed off the master list.  By the holidays it will all be done and I can take a deep breath and enjoy the time with my beloveds.  A finished to do list is a magical thing.

Now to just put everything else back and restore some order ...

#oy ... why does reno have to be such a big mess?

Happy Tuesday loves!


  1. Paige I love how you are not afraid of color!! How could anyone be in a bad mood in that house? So fun and happy.

  2. It does feel good to get that list checked off. Go bold or go home. Love it Paige.



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