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Photo Catchup

I have had a life outside the One Room Challenge lately.  Pinky swear.  It just feels like I sleep, breathe, think and speak ORC.  Oh wait, I do, but there is more.  I swear!

It has been a fun couple of weeks.  Along with the major work happening in the house, I have had some fun times outside the house.  I have to keep telling myself this ... a few days just felt like dust, cleaning and more cleaning!

I pulled some pictures off my Iphone while I was syncing it the other day.  A little snapshot into my weeks ... 

The vintage swap was a huge hit, just like last time, and I loved seeing all the amazing things people sent and received.  You can view them all under the #vintageswap on Instagram.  I even found myself coveting a few things ... which I guess is the result of a great swap.  My partners, I had two, sent me the most amazing things.  I find myself shopping and thinking ... hmm is this something they would love?  I am so relieved when they text or email with their excitement!

Katie sent me the most amazing koi fish candlesticks that are a perfect addition to my growing gold and white Haviland collection.  They moved right in and settled themselves like they were meant to be here.  Aren't they amazing?

I am also working on the dining room since apparently taking on the kitchen/breakfast room wasn't enough for six weeks.  You can see the side of the dining room from one spot in the kitchen and it was the perfect excuse to get some stuff crossed off the list.  

I have had these amazing silk panels for some time and recently was given another pair.  I had a few choices, use them to cover the side chairs ... or make cornices.  Clearly the cornice idea won out.  This is a non fluffed - mid hang photo, but you get the idea.  

I really need to learn some patience with projects ... I dropped the cornice twice, fell off the ladder once and sweated bullets hanging it.  Probably why there is only one hanging at the moment.  

Just saying ... 

I am a big fan of morning snuggles.  I show up in your room, we chat and listen to music.  She wasn't even awake in this selfie, I love it!

I am slightly obsessed with pink and orange at the moment.  It works for fall so perfectly and make me happy when I see it.  I scored these napkins from Kayce Hughes and they will be appearing in my One Room Challenge reveal.  I couldn't love them more!!  They just need a navy monogram ... I am thinking bamboo!

And while I was there I might have snagged a few other things.  I just love all things Kayce Hughes! I love her and her darling store!!  This top is so comfy and I wish it came in a few more colors.  Navy dot definitely works for fall ... I paired it with yellow cords but it is next up paired with army green leggings and my red Hunters.  It's long enough to wear with leggings and the piping makes my heart skip a beat.

I found these amazing vintage rose medallion lamps on my way to meet my dad for lunch on Saturday.  I almost broke five things in my rush to stop walking when I spotted them.  They are huge, gorgeous and the bases are to die for.  I have been moving them all around my house looking for the perfect spot.  Currently they are on an antique desk in my office as I am trying them out there.  They were a steal and I could not, would not walk away.  If they don't work for me they will go and leave at Lance and David's.  Lance may or may not be checking their status daily.  

PS ... this is the best way to transport a lamp!  

Sunflowers make me happy, as do all fresh flowers!  I am loving the big pops of yellow goodness in the foyer this week.  These paired with a pumpkin candle and the crisp air makes for the perfect fall day!

I am so excited about the new powder room color.  Its fun, different and the perfect showcase for my antique silhouette collection.  I have most of them hanging in here ... with a few in the gallery walls on the stairs.  I only have two more things on my to do list for this room.  

I need one of these and I need to swap out the faucet for this one.  

I have been loving Lawyer's new travel schedule.  Instead of traveling to LA four days each week he has been traveling to DC for two days.  Most of the time he is in town he works from home.  Win, win for moi.  We have been having lunch together once or twice a week and I am a pig in mud.  Nothing makes me happier than quality time with those I love.  We had lunch at his favorite BBQ place last week and he was so good to me and ordered sides I like.  I don't eat red meat and pork has to be just so ... so I usually just eat sides.  

And yes, those are sweet potato tater tots and they rocked my world!

This would be a 100 percent true for me.  Just don't tell those close to me I admitted it.  

I am a creature of habit and I visit the Starbucks by our house quite often.  As in once, sometimes twice, per day.  The barista is usually the same sweet girl who knows me and once in a while when the line is short I find myself with a upgrade.  This Venti yumminess was well loved.  She might have found herself with a big tip and a huge smile from me.

The day I bought the Drexel server I also found this darling chinoiserie piece for my kitchen.  It will happily sit on the new hot pink lacquered piece as part of the coffee bar.  I see him holding tiny creamer containers on most days but how fun would he be holding marshmallows for a hot cocoa bar?

I just love him!

I am off to cross more things off the list.  The growing pile of stuff in the corner of the dining room is a huge blessing, but it is starting to grow out of control.  

Happy Thursday loves!

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