*One Room Challenge* - Week 3

Holy half way point ... It's getting real up in here!!

Ok, before I panic let's catch up!

I am in the process of transforming our kitchen and breakfast room for the One Room Challenge.  It's a big space and an exciting time and I have Linda to thank for all of it!  Week 1 I showed you the space and the design board.  Week 2 I shared my plan.  Here we are at week 3.  A lot has happened, lots more to do and tons for me to share!


When I left you last week I was in the middle of paint central.  The painting is complete, well almost!  The cabinets are done, the ceiling is painted and all that is left to find itself covered in paint is the hallway and both pieces of vintage furniture!

All of the paint in the kitchen is from Farrow & Ball and I am madly in love with it.  Since Farrow & Ball has no VOC or smell we had no problem at all with using full gloss.  A huge plus for sure!

I was very disappointed to realize that we wouldn't be able to install hidden hinges.  I had been dreaming of them for such a long time.  My painter puttied, sanded, puttied, sanded and repeated and you could still see the outline of the hinge on the cabinet.  He tried to tell me I wouldn't be able to see it and I knew I would always spot it.  I finally caved and purchased white hinges and just settled on the fact that they were harder to see than a brass one would be.  It was one of those things that you end up caving on thinking there will be a bigger issue to fight!  

I just moved on ... 

Cabinets ... check!

Next item on the list ... fabric!

The main fabric in the room is Schumacher Nanjing from DecoratorsBest.  This fabric has been a favorite of mine for a while and I am thrilled to be using it!

I am absolutely dying for the upholstery spa to call and tell me these bad boys are ready for pick up.  I mean Kings Grant chairs covered in Nanjing?  Someone pinch me please!

The side chairs are getting some texture with the fabric on the right which I found in my stash of fabrics. The Scalamandre fabric on the left was a heavy contender in the beginning and then I realized I might have one too many dragons in the room.  Too many dragons is #nobueno. 

The perfect match!!

Drapes are still a question.  Two ideas are still being tossed around, white panels with trim or this fabric ... 

And then there are the lamps ... those shades can't be naked!  


That trim was literally begging me to take it home ... and it was on clearance.  #yesplease

And lastly, but certainly not least we have this amazing fabric!  Fat, round cushions for the bar stools with amazing bias cut cording.  Oh, I can just see it all coming together!

Fabric designs made ... well all except the windows, but I will think about that later!

I may, or may not have, mentioned that in this process we removed the 1980's built in desk in the hall just past the breakfast room.  What I didn't realize at the time was that the hardwood floors were installed after the cabinets.  So ... removing said desk left me with two holes in the hardwood.  We have debated back and forth as what to do with this space and finally settled on just repaired the wall and floor. 

I scored this amazing Drexel server for a song and can't wait to lacquer it and make a coffee station for this space.  We have a ton of cabinets, but are short on counter tops.  The budget just didn't work for replacing the cabinets with the Quartz I had my eye on.  So ... I wait!  In the mean time, this baby lacquered in hot pink will rock my world!

Next up ... I got so many things ordered and marked off the list. 

All lights are ordered and should be en route soon!  Brass faucet ordered.  Tile purchased and waiting patiently for installation.  Hardware here and installed.  Wallpaper arrived and is dying to be installed!  

One of my favorite elements in the room is the art.  I ordered some amazing pieces from Minted, ordered two more pieces from a girl in North Carolina ... and one incredible piece from The Pink Pagoda.  I do not do a One Room Challenge without some of Jennifer's art.  It just doesn't happen. 

Most of the minted art arrived framed, but two of them I ordered just prints so that I could play around with some vintage frames.  This frame was a $12 score and perfect for this botanical print.  I am thrilled with all the art I ordered from Minted.  They arrived quickly and were packaged perfectly.  

 Checking in with the to do list ... 

1.  Paint the cabinets, ceiling and all molding.  Also paint walls in the hall toward the laundry room.
2.  New light fixtures - 2 for over island , 1 in hall and 1 for over table - ordered!!
3.  His and hers chairs - completely new addition for us
4.  Wallpaper the breakfast room - BAM!!
5.  Rug for under kitchen table
6.  Paint island white
7.  Tile backsplash - by-bye stone ickiness!
8.  Remove desk area
9.  Remove wine rack and replace with platter dividers
10.  Add bamboo dresser and lacquer
11.  Add bamboo server and lacquer
12.  New hardware
13.  New faucet - ordered!! 
14.  Paint bar stools, have cushions made and recover side chairs
15.  Art, art and more art  - all ordered and here minus three pieces!!
16.  Style!

When I cross things off the list I realize I am pretty much on schedule.  Now, if the tile guy could just come, not make a mess and finish quickly I can wallpaper!  Wallpaper day is my absolute favorite!!

 Deep breath!  All is good! 

I am off to catch up on the other participants.  There are so many incredible rooms coming together!!


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