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TPC loves Design Darling!

One of my favorite online stores is the happy little shop of Mackenzie Horan.  Design Darling is filled with gifts, art and decor to make any home a happy one.  You need a gift?  She has that covered! Something fabulous for your new vignette ... check, check.

I absolutely adore following Mackenzie on her blog and watching her life evolve.  She recently made a move from NYC to Dallas and from an apartment to a home.  She is in the middle of creating a guest room I would love to book a night for bed and breakfast.   I am pretty sure if you researched the word adorable in Webster's dictionary you would find a shop shot of Mackenzie Horan.  

Mackenzie is a fellow One Room Challenge participant and when her shop popped up in my feed as a sponsor I happily headed over to snatch up some fabulous items for the kitchen. I own quite a few of her happies, but can always add a few more.  I rounded up my favorites from her shop for you today.  Among the items I chose are the goodies you will see in my reveal ... but I can't let that cat out of the bag quite yet!  A girl has to keep her secrets.

My favorites from Design Darling ... 

 My favorite hostess gift this year is a candle and a set of fun matches ... and I have found the perfect combination for this year.  How darling is that blue and white lotus candle?  I am in love for sure!

If you don't read Mackenzie's blog you need to start immediately.  She has great travel tips and her weekend reading posts are my absolute favorite.  I find such great things to read, drink and eat on these posts.  And her darling style posts ... I would wear everything she chooses time and time again. 

How fun!

Happy Monday ... 
it's raining here so I will be sporting my yellow Hunters for sure.

Perfect day to snuggle up and drink cocoa!

all images via here and here!

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