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TPC loves Jana Bek!

The end of the One Room Challenge is nearing and I am both nervous and excited!  Of course nervous that it will all come together and excited to put all the art and styling pieces in the mix.

One of my absolute favorite things to add in is my new Jana Bek lamp.  My own navy brushstroke lamp is patiently waiting in the dining room for its debut.  Every single time I walk past the lamp I get more and more excited to the room all come together!

Jana Bek is the bomb!  Her lamps are nothing short of amazing and have hit the design scene with a BANG!  I remember the first time I saw the lamp ... I spent at least the next hour researching them and reading up on all things Jana.  She doesn't disappoint!

When we first began emailing about the lamp she was just as excited to sell me own one as I was to buy it.  That kind of energy is inspiring.  Everyone should be that excited to sell their products.  Jana has been encouraging during every step of the way and weekly comments on how excited she is to see the room come together.  I absolutely adore her and think she is nothing short of the bees knees!

Oh precious navy brushstroke ... just eight more days sweet friend.

Eight more days!!

images - here and here

1 comment:

  1. Paaaaige! Oh my goodness you are the absolute sweetest! I am thrilled you are incorporating on of our brushstroke lamps into what will undoubtably be such a delightful space!! Really you are a dear & this totally makes me week! Xxxxj



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