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If you follow me on Insta you know yesterday was a special day.  I am a newly minted birthday girl and the day could not have been more amazing.  With a traveling husband and the kids off to school I was a little sad that I could be celebrating all alone.  How silly of me considering I am blessed with the most amazing besties and BFFs any girl could ever know.  They swooped me up and it was not only a day of incredible fun, but a day of some firsts for moi.

The day started bright and early with the sun shining in my room and the phone blowing up.  If you want to feel like the most amazing person ever, make sure you celebrate a birthday on Facebook.  All of the well wishes, loving posts and kind messages truly flooded my heart!

At promptly 9:30 my bestie Skipper popped over to grab me for a previously undisclosed location. All I knew was that I was to dress warm and comfortable and plan to be gone until carpool.  I did think for a few minutes that she does her homework and if she was pushing me out of my comfort zone I might be in for more than I planned.  But, it is an adventure and I never say no to doing new things.

Off we went ... dressed warmly and comfortable and me filled with love and excitement.

She surprised me with a trip to the World of Coca-Cola Museum which I have not been to in its new location.  I went in 1994 with my parents to the old location near the capitol and thoroughly enjoyed every second.  Coke is a major thing for the city of Atlanta and learning new things about its history never gets old.  

To say I was excited is really an understatement.  I felt like I was just handed a golden ticket.  We grabbed our tickets, hit the security check in and started our adventure.

Who remembers Tab Energy?  I loved it and the pink can along with the pink drink.  So wish it would make a comeback!

A blue and white chinoiserie bottle ... you must be kidding!!!  It was made for us ... 

This darling pic made it to their website which was a fun surprise this morning.  The celebrating just goes on and on ...

The actual vault containing the one written copy of the formula for the Coca-Cola syrup.  How cool is that ... it is on a single piece of paper inside this massive vault.  Prior to be moved to this location in 2011, it was housed in a Sun Trust bank for 86 years.  

Tab ... my absolute favorite soda!

Ps ... Beverly tastes horrid.  We can both agree and promise you should steer clear. xo

After retrieving our complimentary bottles we headed outside and down the street to Skyview Atlanta for a ride on the 200 foot Ferris wheel.  

If you know me well you know I am afraid of heights.  Glass elevators are a no go and I did once turn down a job because I would have had to work on the 43rd floor.  I have been afraid my whole life and even though I feel like I am missing out on so many adventures this is the one thing I can't seem to beat.  

But leave it to a trusted bestie to push me outside my box.  Her cute smile and the amazing beauty of the day and I said, "but of course!"

The view was breathtaking and I was only able to look to my immediate right while holding on to the seat for dear life.  The mountain you see in the far end of the picture is past our house and far up 75 North.  A good 35 miles from where we were downtown.  

Absolutely incredible!

She was able to distract me when the car was at the top of the wheel and we were stopped and rocking just enough to give me the sweats.  As you can see I am leaning in whilst holding on to the seat for dear life.

Can't believe I survived and truly am so proud of myself!!  xo

We finished our time together in one of our most favorite joints.  Absolutely love the tacos and the atmosphere is just perfect.  If this joint was any closer to us you would find us here just about every other day.  Apparently they also make incredible greens which I must try on my next visit.  I am stuck on the fried chicken taco and bean taco combo!!  And I am craving it already!

We headed home just in time for carpool and I could not believe all we had seen and done in just a few hours.  Adventure might be my middle name and I am always ready to jump up and pack a purse or a bag for anything!  Thank you Amanda for loving on me and treating me to such a fun day!!  You were a huge blessing the day I met you and you remain to be one of the best treasures of my life!!

Love you so!!!!!  xoxo

Chin chin to 46!!!


  1. Wishing you the Happiest of Belated Birthday's!! I am so glad you had such a fun and festive day!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had such a fun adventures! Besties truly are the best!

  3. That sounds like the perfect birthday!! Two fun ladies out on the town, so glad you had a blast together! Happy happy birthday and many more Paige!



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