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Random Thoughts ... #1112016

I spotted these the other day and can't stop thinking about them.  Dying to use them, trying to decide where.

This just changed my life and my face care!  Take that 46!!

This is on my radar!  Navy and a bow ... umm #yesplease!

I absolutely love my new rug ... it helps balance all of the color in my office!  You can see more of my office here today!

I have been eating so many avocados lately.  As in, I have an avo bowl instead of a fruit bowl! Check out these amazing ideas!!

I have worn these shoes almost every day for a week.  It might be time to invest in these as well!

I don't think my obsession with Carrie Bradshaw will ever end.  This was a good read!

This is a game changer in my water consumption!

Because my love for a good coffee cup knows no end!

A calendar to brighten your days!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. How sweet of you! Thank you so much for posting this my friend! You style everything so beautifully! xoxoxo



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