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Coffee Tables ...

Coffee tables are just amazing, aren't they?  They are the accessory center of the room and the focal point of so many.  I just love how you can collect so many amazing things in the center of a room and take it to the next level.

I was working on my own coffee table yesterday.  I took everything off, cleaned it and started from zero.  Of course, I needed some inspiration so I pulled some pictures to get me started.

I also found an article from Phoebe Howard on styling coffee tables.  My favorite thing she says she uses is an oddball object.  My oddball add in object yesterday was an antique lighter.  

My coffee table is still a work in progress and I will share when its done.  I absolutely loved it for Christmas, but of course when I had to put away the collection of vintage ornaments it just didn't seem to shine the same way ... 


By far my favorite thing to add to my table is a collection of books from my ever growing design book collection.  I found a list of 50 classic cocktail table books from Matchbook Magazine.  I printed it a while back and have been slowly marking off my books as I acquire them.  Six down, fifty four to go.

Of course, I need to add these to the list ... all five of them being non negotiable in the subject of collecting.

All in Good Taste || Design Her || Monograms for the Home || Modern Mix || The Big Book of Chic 

Happy styling lovies!

All images and more ... 

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