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Silver for Bebe

I was shopping after Christmas in my favorite antique store and spotted the most amazing silver pattern.  I have wanted to start a pattern for our youngest for a while and just hadn't found the perfect pattern.  I wanted something simple and timeless but something that also reflected my style since I would be the one gifting it to her one day.

The pattern is Grosvenor by Community and it is a silver plate pattern from 1921.  I love that it is plate and she can use it daily.  This also leaves her with the option of choosing her own sterling silver pattern at any point. 

I love the simple details and the spot for a monogram.  You know that detail sold me in a New York minute.  

The day I spotted it I scored all 8 butter knives, 8 soup spoons and 2 dinner forks.  Since then I have collected a serving spoon, a lemon fork and 8 teaspoons. I am gathering a service for 12 with as many serving pieces as I can.  Those are the pieces that mean the most to me.  

Of course I love this collection, but buying it all at once just seems to defeat the purpose! 

For me its the hunt that makes it special ... 

and, of course, learning all the other pieces I can collect for my baby girl!

One day I will proudly hand over the collection I have spent so much time and love collecting for her to celebrate a major occasion.  Maybe graduating from high school. or college or when she finally becomes the teacher her heart wants to be.

Until then I will keep collecting and dreaming of the amazing woman she will be.  xo

Happy Friday lovies. 


  1. Love this idea Paige. And yes, the collecting over time makes it all the more special. Anyone can just go buy an entire set! Well...if you have the $$$ to do so.

  2. Love your post and thanks so much for mentioning my Grosvenor Flatware!
    Great Blog too!

  3. I grew up using this pattern every day! I still have it!

  4. Where would you take the pieces to get them monogrammed?



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