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Lilly + Boat = #yesplease

You know those thoughts you have in your head ... if I won the lottery I would ... 

Yes, well let me just tell you how I would break it down.  Not that I have put extra time and effort into this list.  Ha.  Who I am kidding??

1.  Private plane so I could fly to see my besties and be a part of their daily lives when needed.  #duh
2.  Half to start a foundation and shelter for homeless moms. #onmyheart
3.  This boat.  Not.  Even.  Kidding.
4.  A beach house
5.  A mountains house
6.  My dream car
7.  Investing

Let's chat about number 3 today.  Have you seen this boat?  I am absolutely obsessed with it for so many reasons.  It is gorgey, filled with Lilly and the perfect size for jaunting.  There is a detailed article here along with more photos here you must check out.

Growing up in Florida these photos just speak to my soul.  I love the water + the palm trees.  I will retire to south Florida where I can soak up these views daily. I just took a deep breath trying to soak in that salt air.


This trip looked amazing and I loved reading about their visit.  And of course, their ride on the Barton & Gray Hinkley yacht.

I am planning a trip in March to Palm Beach to take a bestie who has never been.  Making my must do list and if only I could plan a gaunt on that boat.

A girl can dream ... 


  1. Like your lottery winning wish list very much, By the way did you take art in the Powerball draw recently? There were 3 jackpot winners who will share 1.59bn dollars. I think that would by much that enough to accomplish the desired!



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