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Translating Color Trends ...

Wow it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  If January is any clue this is about to be the best year ever. Market, bestie dates, dinners, photo shoots and an amazing Trade Talk at ADAC

Julianne Taylor asked both myself and the talented PKL boys for a discussion on translating color trends into interiors.  What a way to start a Thursday!   

First of all her shop at ADAC is nothing but eye candy for days.  Vignettes of incredible color, beautiful furniture and incredible art and accessories.  Of course my favorite aspect is the collection of girl bosses represented.  #girlpower  xo

The showroom was filled with amazing bright and happy people at such an early start to a cold January day.  I loved looking out and seeing so many faces.  She packed the house and we started a little after 9 am.  I had the pleasure of chatting while sitting on an Emily McCarthy for TBH stool. Super comfortable and of course dear to my heart!  Love my Emily!!


We chatted about so many things and the talk went on way past the hour time slot they planned.  It was so wonderful to hear amazing questions and interest in the topic.

I was thrilled to talk about something I am passionate about, my blog and social media presence.  My questions included designing for the One Room Challenge and my home along with working with sponsors and developing solid relationships.  It was easy to share on topics about which I truly believe in.

And what is an event without a #selfie?

A quick bite and stroll through ADAC and it was back to the burbs for moi.  What an incredible and inspiring day!

Coming soon from Taylor Burke Home ... Tailored by TBH. I can't wait to pick out some new chairs for our home.  Anything Julianne makes I fall in love with immediately.

Thank you for everyone who came out and spent the morning with us.  I truly enjoyed the time and the incredible connections I made.

My favorite two questions and my answers ... 

As a design blogger how do you get your stories?  I find inspiration everywhere and never stop looking for it.  I write about things I love and things that have caught my eye.  I believe that writing about what things that you love and that catch your eye makes sense.  I take a lot of pictures on my Iphone and most times ideas I see turn into blog posts.  It may start as a photo of a blue and white porcelain with peonies and turn into a post on mixing blue and white with color.

How do you navigate the waters of providing genuine content and recommendations with sponsored products?  Great question and I am sure you wonder the same thing about sponsored posts.  I only write about things I truly love and either own or would own.  If I share a product I absolutely believe in it.  I can't talk about things that aren't a good fit for me, it just doesn't work.  I truly try to share things that I fall in love with thinking others will as well.  If I write a sponsored post or share a product that was sent to me it is because I am passionate about that product.  I say no a lot and will continue to do so to things I don't believe represent me and the TPC brand. 

I so wish I could have seen each and every one of you!!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh to be a fly on the wall! What a great event! As informative as you were on the topic I bet you found tons of inspiration from it as well. I so needed to read this post and your answers to the questions asked. I just finished my blue and white plate wall in the bedroom and gave a sneak peek on insta (I tagged you). As I stood there looking at it I thought, "But is this slightly coastal?". The truth is, I'm slightly coastal now that I find myself transported to living on this island. I should still do what I love and I love a bit of coastal mixed with a lot of what I love. Thanks for keeping me "on track!".

  2. I had such a great time at the talk - thank you so much for taking the time to be there! I was dying too at Taylor Burke - everything there is SO gorgeous!



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