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Dinner Party Perfection

I have hinted a few times over the last week that I attended what may be the dinner party of the year. I still have to pinch myself that I was there and the memories are real.  What a spectacular evening!

Those amazing Parker Kennedy boys hosted a dinner for 48 at The Capital City Club.  As you know those boys know how to entertain and we were treated to an evening of incredible music, food and company.  The table alone is worth its own post.  

Napkins || Chargers || Pagodas || Monograms (moi!)

The amazing plates chosen for the dinner by the Club couldn't have been more perfect.  They looked amazing with the chargers and napkins.  That navy border ... I die!

 Place Cards || Prosecco Candles || Brass (private collection) || Blue & White (private collection) 

I snapped a quick selfie before the rest of the guests arrived and it may be one of my favorite pictures of the whole evening.  I love my friends so!!!

The remainder of these incredible photos of our magical evening were taken from #PKLdinnerparty tag on Instagram. I am amazed at all the incredible shots of the night.  This first one may be my absolute favorite!

The music and the candlelight were nothing short of magical.  I will never forget the evening!  It has inspired me to entertain more than we do.  Set a magical table, light the candles and create evenings we now see in photographs from times passed.

This was one of those nights.  I will never forget it!


  1. Absolutely stunning. Would expect nothing less from those two however.

  2. I love this, Paige. Looks like an absolutely amazing evening!

  3. It was gorgeous and timeless. Please share the menu!

  4. Truly, table d├ęcor is heart throbbing. Have never seen such wonderful arrangements in a dinner party. I will be having a small wedding ceremony at indoor wedding venues NYC and would love to have such beautiful table for dinner.

  5. Perfect meal! I have an idea to make the same one for my family.



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