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50 Elements of Southern Style

Recently Southern Living celebrated 50 years of publication with their Celebrate the South: 50 Years of Southern Living issue.  Its an amazing issue and one that I will save for sure.  I loved reading how things have changed over the last 50 years and how some things have remained quite the same. I mean, if it isn't broken ... right?

One of the articles that caught my eye was 50 Elements of Southern Style.  The guide listed 50 things every southerner can't possibly live without.  I immediately started reading and checking things off the list. I mean I live in the South, I should be chock full of southern style, right?

 How did I do?

Our monograms.  Are you kidding me with this one?  Let's make a list of the things that don't have my monogram, it would be a lot shorter.  Got this one nailed down good.  I clearly remember my first item with my name on it.  It was fifth grade and my shirt had my name ironed on the back in white velour letters.  I was hooked.

Signature scent.  Mine is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

A great pair of boots.  I have a few but I am still hunting for the elusive great pair for me.  For now it is a pair of yellow Hunters. I am on the hunt for a great pair of riding boots in brown.  I just need to suck it up and buy these or these.  


Pearls.  Earrings, bracelet and quite a few necklaces lengths.  Also good on this one however I still see to be drawn to pearls.  When we went to Snow Mountain last week I wore the small pearls so I wouldn't take a chance on losing the over sized ones.  Not wearing pearls never seemed to occur to me.  Yes, I know.  Super silly of me. 

Pink lipstick.  I have two I love, Mac All Fired Up and I have recently fallen in love with Revlon Matte Lip Color in Obsession.  

Skin that glows. I am working on this one.  More water, less tea.  Champs in moderation. Also, I have just purchased both great skincare and a Clarisonic and I am loving both of them.  Post on this coming soon!

Tailored dresses. I have three Kate Spade dresses I adore.  I have my eye on a new one that is truly the definition of a tailored dress. 

Sparkle. I love some sparkle from amazing earrings to glitter on my feet.  I am not sure I have ever seen sparkle that I didn't love, but honestly what girl doesn't?

Color, Color and More Color. Have you seen my house.  Think I have this one under control.  But, there is always more color to be bought and spread around. 

Family Heirlooms. We are blessed to have inherited so many amazing pieces from both my husbands family and my own.  My favorite things are his grandmother's silver collection, my grandmother's barristers book cases, books, old framed photos, his mother's crystal vase for my roses and his parent's Dodie Thayer shell bowl.  

Good hair.  I get compliments on my hair so I will say its "good".  I do know I wouldn't know what to do without my best friend who makes the grey disappear and the cut amazing and I am lucky to have thick hair which I only wash about twice a week. 

Gingham button down. oh, I have just a few of these.  Basically every color of the rainbow and in pink and blue I have almost every hue. I am still hunting the perfect red and of course chocolate would be di-vine!!!  Gingham for me is just about the perfect option every single time.  The collar, the pattern and the variety of colors.  How can you go wrong?

Team colors. Florida Gator for sure.  Every single inch of me bleeds orange and blue.  I will root for anyone in the SEC and, of course, any one playing Florida State. 

Perfect pair of jeans.  Aren't we all hunting these?  I have two pairs of Old Navy jeans I wear almost every day but I am not sure if they are perfect.  Still hunting for that one.  

Prints with personality. Also pretty set on this one!  My whole life has personality.  My clothes, my house ... I love almost every color and darn near every print.  The brighter the better for me. 

So, I am doing well on the southern must haves.  Some better than others, but I expected it to be that way.  I truly think to be a southern woman you need to be able to garden and bake and I stink at both of those things.  Clearly need to add some line items to my goal list for the year.  

Happy Monday lovies ... or I guess I should change that to y'all!


  1. I didn't get many on the list. I'm not a southerner by birth, so I guess I shouldn't expect to! I never wear pearls, but I do love a good monogram. I've always loved a gingham shirt - I don't wear many prints in the winter, but once it gets warmer, I crack out my fun printed tunics. I am ready for spring!

  2. Girl from the South. Nice. I love everything. So many things to think about. What a mix of colors. Have a nice week.



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