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Bar Carts ... New vs. Old

Who doesn't love a bar cart?  I know I love them probably more than I should.  Owning four of them, I know that is a lot , I find them incredible useful for so many things!  Housing our drink collection, serving, coffee stations, side tables ... oh I could go on and on.  

In preparing for this post I did a little history on the emergence of the bar cart into our every day life. I found this post so perfect it deserved quoting ...

rat pack

"The bar cart actually dates back to the 1940’s. With the end of prohibition, the public was ready to imbibe once again in all things alcohol! Homemakers entertained their guests with ease from a fully stocked bar cart that could be wheeled throughout the party and amongst guests.
As the bar cart segwayed into the 50’s and 60’s, the popularity of the Rat Pack, Miami Beach and James Bond made this home accent de riguer. During the 70’s, homes moved towards humongous, permanent built-in bars and cabinetry that had the early markings of the man cave as we know it today. Dark woods and leather abounded along with the ever-present wet bar. Sadly, our little friend the bar cart went the way of fedoras, Tupperware and the deviled egg.
Fast forward to 2014 and hey, everybody’s back! (Yes, due to the tough economy Tupperware has risen up, the foodie craze has given gourmet deviled eggs their due again and nobody can compare to Don rocking a fedora.)"
Right?  So many people I know have embraced the bar cart the way I think it was meant to be used. Some use it for storage, some for entertaining and some as an extra piece of furniture.  I am in for all of these uses!  I simply love a bar cart!!
So, the only question is new or old?  There are so many incredible options for both I think it is totally up to preference.  I own three vintage and one new and love each one equally!  I pulled my favorites to share with you, both new and vintage.  

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 

And my favorite vintage options ... 

Chairish has an incredible selection.  I love this one, this one and, oh my yes!, this one!!  1st Dibs is another incredible source for vintage bar carts, but they are pricey.  Of course, they are incredible! This one is to-die-for!!  And this, I die!! I even got on Etsy to see what I could find.  This one is so fun and I love the color!  Also find this and this and absolutely loved this one!!

And of course, to chat about bar carts I have to mention my favorite pins on styling and using your bar cart!  I mean, if you have it you need to use it to its potential ... 

I have both of these pins plus so many more on this Pinterest board!  It also includes drink recipes for days!  It may be one of my favorite boards on Pinterest.  It so easy to find a good bar cart photo, don't you think?

I can't wait to bring my new series to a blog post near you very soon!  Bar Carts of Creatives ... soon to be a favorite recurring post of mine.  I am asking creatives I know to show us their bar carts and to chat about what they must have and will not include in their carts.  I might be a little giddy about this new series.  Stay tuned ... 

Treat yourself to a cocktail tonight lovies!  Maybe even a bar cart or two ... 

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