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Coffee Table Styling with Chairish

As I mentioned before I love a good coffee table.  I truly feel like it is the place you get to play the most in your room.  It is like the accessory center ... the perfect spot for incredible earrings, a statement necklace and bangles for days.

Since I love mixing old and new, I immediately look to Chairish for those one of a kind pieces.   They have an incredible selection of coffee tables to fit any decor.  I love vintage pieces and of course Chairish is the best online vintage source.

I have chosen four different shapes of coffee tables to share how I would style each one.  Even though I would use the same basic elements for styling, the result would be very different.

First up is the square.  I think this may be the easiest shape for most people to style and is one of my favorite shapes to add to a room.  I chose the Bamboo & Glass Coffee Table which happens to be on major sale. Someone needs to buy this baby STAT.  I love the dark glass which I would have absolutely hated before.  Something about its smokiness is so mysterious and sexy to me. 

Since I am a visual learner I style everything on the floor for flat surfaces and walls.  I get to visualize it before committing.  Obviously, its easy to move things around on a flat surface, but walls aren't so forgiving.   I have to see it to be able to play with it!

Three stacks of design books, a potted orchid or vase of flowers and a visual element on one stack. Simple to style and perfect for this square table.  Orchids are so fun to use in styling since they provide instant color and I love how fun the curve of the flowers is providing an instant extra element.  

Second is the rectangle.  I feel like this is a go to for most people.  It fits the size of the sofa and is safe in a way.  I chose this incredible Vintage Bamboo Chinese Chippendale coffee table to style for this shape.  I am mildly obsessed with this piece.  It is gorgeous in its natural bamboo but would also be ridiculous amazing in a lacquer.  #eek

Since this table is an good size (52x24) I have so much more room to style and that is always a good thing for me.   Larger space equals more stuff and I do love some stuff. 

Two stacks of design books, a potted plant, a candle and an amazing tray.  Your tray can even be empty, amazing antique pieces are art all by themselves.  I have go to scents for my house and candles are a must for me.  Its one of my favorite "stuff" items for sure.

The sexy oval, a size I feel instantly compliments any sofa.  I love how quickly it softens all the square edges in the space.  I chose the Councill Oval Mahogany Regency table to style for you.  This table is a show stopper.  The inlay, those feet.  It speaks to my traditional heart so beautifully.

Ooh oval, such a fun shape to style.  This one is a little harder to show you but you can visualize it on my amazing over dyed rug.  Vintage and also another incredible thing to buy on Chairish.  The fun thing about an oval coffee table is using the edges ... oh yes the placement is just so fun.

More design books, an incredible orchid for height and color, a pedestal of citrus and my favorite vintage coasters. Don't forget that even though you love to style a coffee table it is also a perfect entertaining spot.  Make sure when you style it a few things can be moved to accompany an incredible tray of hors d'oeuvres and a stack of monogrammed napkins.

Last, but certainly not least, the circle.  This is my absolute favorite shape!  Maybe its because our coffee table in the basement is a circle and it was my grandmothers old table cut down for me or maybe it is because its just the best shape to style.  You can see so many different things from different spots in the room.  I just love it!

I chose this incredible Mid Century Gilt table to style for you.  I love this table!  If only I had another use for a coffee table.  Sigh.

This table is styled the best, in my opinion, with a center element and then books fanned out around. I love a vase of tulips or in the example above blue and white porcelain.  My design books are a go to item for me in decorating and styling.  I would use three stacks of books to add design elements to, say maybe at 12, 5 and 8 if you view the table as a clock.  Use items with varying heights to give you something for the eye to rest on.  

Of course this is only half the circle but you see where I am headed.  I love how fun it would be for your guests to sit down and take in any or all of the books you have chosen to display for them.  And the best thing about all coffee table styling is how easy it is to trade out books or to even clean the slate and start from scratch.

My go to source for books has always been to collect them as they come out and I have been gifted so many that mean the world to me.  Chairish also has an incredible collection of books to check out, some I have never seen before.  I have saved a bunch to check out later!

Style those tables lovies ... and pin away for reference!

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