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Design Feature ... Jessika Goranson

I fell in love with Jessika Goranson Lewand from the moment I spotted her on Instagram.  Her New York apartment immediately drew me in.  Its feminine, perfectly styled and yet completely outside the box. It is the definition of a well lived space.  Her use of wallpaper and textures in her small space drew me in wanting so much more than I could spot in a small snippet in her posts.

If you aren't familiar with Jessika let me introduce her.  She is the owner of Holiday Boutique in Beacon Hill.  Opened in 2002, the shop focuses on smaller design houses and is known for their own of a kind hand made items.  

Of course, it is her home that I can't quite get enough of, and you will quickly see why.

via Lonny 

Do you see that wallpaper?  So feminine and so elegant!  I love how she used wallpaper to add so much character to her walls along with her incredible vintage finds.  


That fireplace makes me swoon in any picture.  The details are just plain magical.  #swoon

Jessika and her husband Mark relocated to Boston in May where they are working on redecorating their home. I have so enjoyed watching Jessika use the items I fell in love with in her apartment in her home.  It just once again proves to me that when you buy what you love it always works.

Jessika and Mark are preparing to welcome twins.  I can not wait to see those adorable babies!  This nursery alone has me dying inside!!  Once again another incredible wallpaper! #tinyfox

Keep posting incredible inspiration Jessika ... I adore each and every photo! xo


  1. Must know where Jessica found that FABULOUS armoire! I.Die. It is stunning, especially filled with all that yummy blue and white!

  2. Love it all...especially the Dana Gibson things (I have imported her from RVA to CCMA...that is Cape Cod MA!). So many "pink clutch" things in her home! And not a bad thing at all. Looking forward to more from this lovely woman...thanks again, Paige! Such a great eye!

  3. How many Hermès throws must one have? :)

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