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Style It Challenge ... Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende is an incredible designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina and truly just a darling soul. She is beautiful, funny and has an incredible eye for creating a spectacular space.  It does not surprise me one tiny bit that I am madly in love with the den she created for Taylor Burke Home's Style it Challenge with One Kings Lane.

And I promise you, you will love it too.  

The Style it Challenge is an incredible invitation given to three designers.  They are presented with a piece of furniture, this time the London Tufted Ottoman, and asked to design a room around it.  Add in amazing sponsors and you have a perfect recipe for the makings of one mack daddy space.

Lisa took this challenge and ran with it creating a space I know she will love!  Full of color, incredible pieces and that ottoman created just for her.  Swoon worthy, I promise you!

One of my favorite things about Taylor Burke Home is their ability to take a piece of furniture and make it uniquely yours.  The London Tufted Ottoman is shown online as a rectangle or a circle and Lisa asked for hers to be a 42 inch square.  Done!  Don't you want a London Tufted Ottoman of your own, I have wanted one since the moment I spotted it.  TBH is offering free shipping on the ottoman for the month of February.  I will be looking for the perfect place for mine after finishing this post!

I love how it is an ottoman, but also a game table and a perfect space to serve drinks and apps for guests.  #absolutelyperfect.  And let's talk about those swivel chairs.  Every time I see that chair I just about die.  They are the #bombdotcomb!!

She worked with the sponsors for the challenge choosing pieces from Mitchell Black, Addison Weeks, Lacefield Designs and Times Too Designs.  Her choices are styled beautifully in the space.  I am telling you, I just love her room! 

Don't you love!!!  I can't believe all the amazing details ... those drapes, those blinds, that wallpaper! Yowza!!  You can view this room and the other two on One Kings Lane.  I love being able to see one piece of furniture styled three ways.  It provides me with such inspiration. 

Photography by Dustin Peck Photography.  

Well done sweet friend.  You NAILED it. So proud of you Lisa!!


  1. When I saw this room on Instagram I stopped in my tracks!! Gorgeous! ❤️

  2. Thank You Paige for featuring my room today and for making me feel so good!!! I loved every minute of creating this room. The nice part of this was creating something for my family to enjoy. I am always creating for others and it is nice for it to be something I actually get to enjoy on a daily basis! You are the best Paige! oxoxoxo



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