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Champagne Cocktail for 2

Champagne is the go to happy drink for celebrating.  I for one looove a bottle of good champagne for just about any occasion.  I adore everything from the fancy bottle to the pop of the cork! Fancy drinks are always a good choice! #yesplease

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from a grape grown in the Champagne region of France. There are specific rules for producing champagne from this area.  It must include, among other rules, specific vineyard practices, sourcing of grapes from the region, specific pressing regimes and a second fermentation of the wine inside the bottle.  This second fermentation is what creates the magical carbonation which makes it feel so special.

I love a champagne cocktail ... and feel so special ordering one while out and about.  A traditional champagne cocktail includes a sugar cube, a splash of bitters, a squeeze of lemon and a lemon peel. They are so yummy and I highly recommend you add them to your drink of choice list. 

Since Lawyer and I will be celebrating at home this weekend, I created a pink champagne cocktail for the special occasion.  He isn't a big wine drinker, preferring red over white, but he will indulge in a champagne treat with me for a special event.  Of course, after his toast with me he will immediately switch to his go to, Woodford Reserve.

To make the Valentine treat ... you first add in a sugar cube to the bottom of your glass. Add in a few shakes of bitters to taste.  I like about three good shakes.  To create the pink color I added in a smidge of grenadine syrup.  Add in your champagne, squeeze in a little lemon and top with the lemon peel. 

Chin Chin!!

I may have drank mine while preparing ... and now I may be a smidge sleepy.  Oh, and ps.  I know why I am not a food and drink photographer ... this was super tricky!  xo

Happy Valentines Day my lovies!  Here's to a day filled with love, loved ones and large boxes of candy that don't add one pound to the scale!!

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  1. A perfect treat for this Valentine's day. Happy Valentines Day to you too!



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