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Valentine Date with Fancy Ashley

I have teamed up today with the darling Fancy Ashley to bring you a Valentine's Date for two.  We have selected a menu, a playlist, a table and of course, some ideas for a gift for your beloved.  I am a big fan of telling those you love how much they mean to you every single day, but I do love a day set aside for showing love.  Sharing your love never gets old!

Ashley has put together an incredible menu ... each piece sounds divine.  My plate will include fish but the Hubs will die over her main course selection.  And pecan pie is one of Lawyer's favorite desserts so I will be adding that to my menu for sure!!  I adore so many things about Ashley and one of them is her incredible charcuterie boards.  They make me want to hop on a plane and spend happy hour in Texas.

Now that she has set the perfect menu for you, you need some music.  I scoured the internet looking for the best classic love songs for your playlist.  I have been singing Isn't She Lovely in my head for days.  Its such a beautiful and romantic song.  I have put together a list that will surely spark the romantic feel you are striving to achieve. 

Stevie Wonder || Louis Armstrong || Frank Sinatra || Nat King Cole || Van Morrison || 
Nat King Cole || Stevie Wonder || Harry Connick Jr. || Stevie Wonder || Michael Buble || 
Otis Redding || The Supremes

Since we are setting the mood for a special and romantic evening you need to make sure your table shares your theme.  I have pulled out some special pieces from my collection to set the perfect table for 2.  Good china, starched linens, his grandmother's monogrammed silver.  All the pieces that show him I put time in effort into setting a table for him.  I set tables a lot, but when he sees me with the iron he knows something special is happening.  When he spotted me playing with dishes to prepare he commented that he was going to love eating dinner at home!  My evening is already taking shape the way I had hoped!

The table is set, the menu is perfect, the music is playing, you need a gift!

I am a huge fan of a handwritten letter.  Something about the personal touch of a loved ones handwriting just speaks to my heart.  I am working on a love note for my Valentine this year. He needs to know how much his weekly sacrifice on the road means to me and I need to be the one to tell him.  I am thinking of mailing it to him.  I love the idea of the love stamp and writing out his name in a font I practice.  

For those of you wanting a gift you can purchase I have pulled together my gift ideas for your beloved ... 

Each of these amazing items is sure to win the heart of the man you love.  Most of them can be purchased locally to you just in case you waited to the last minute.  It's ok, I did too.

Check out the other post in this series, Fancy Ashley's Dinner Menu for the other half of our post for the perfect Valentines Date at home.  If you marry her menu with my table idea and play list you will be voted Valentine of the Year. Add in a love note and he may just propose all over again. 

I promise. 

Oh, and if you are still hinting around about his gift to you here is a idea board for you.  I pulled together all of my favorites for you!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful, romantic table. The soft pink with the gold is stunning. Love your china!
    I like the idea of a love letter. It's been a while since I've written one to my love. I will do that this year. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Have a sweet celebration with your valentine.



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