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Easter 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours was nothing short of perfect ... well, it did rain, but otherwise we had a magical weekend. Easter is my favorite holiday, followed by Christmas.  I love so many things about Easter.  I love that my Savior rose from the dead and is a living, breathing God. #AMEN!! I love the incredible spring weather and the glorious colors blooming everywhere I look. I love wearing short sleeves and white jeans. I love this time of year when every thing is anew and fresh and fabulous.  Have I said I LOVE Easter??

After church on Sunday we dyed eggs and then had a yummy lunch.  I had set the table on Saturday to prepare for our family time together.  The entire table stemmed from the green tablecloth I found on Thursday at At Home.  Just like every other design aspect of our home and lives, I start with one piece and then expand from there.  I spotted the tablecloth during a visit to At Home and immediately knew I wanted it and the fabulous turquoise hemstitch napkins I also grabbed during my shopping trip.  It was my first stop in to At Home, but it won't be the last.  My wish list is a mile long.  They have so many amazing things and get shipments weekly.

I added my antique Limgoes plates and my darling monogrammed Sasha Nicholas salad plates. From here it was grabbing this and that and I love the outcome.  The only thing I left the house for was the amazing flowers.  I love the mix of yellow, pink, green and orange.  Absolutely perfect for spring.

I am a huge fan of mixing patterns and colors as you well know.  I love mixing my china patterns and using those I love again and again.  I don't believe things should be seen and not used.  I do take the chance that pieces will be broken, but I refuse to own things I don't use.  The kids are older and love seeing me use what we own.  Hopefully one day they will love these pieces as much as I do.  And you know, a good story always starts with "you know where this chip came from?"!

Happy Tuesday ... the weather is amazing and the sun is shining and everything just seems more glorious this week.  I can see Spring Break waving its fine hand from Friday already!



  1. I am in complete agreement with you about Easter and (if I may say so) just leave it up to you to find the classiest plastic eggs on the planet!!
    Marcie :)

  2. Love your table and will have to remember the bunny in punch cups. Adorable!!!

  3. Hi its Erica from the Blogging Conference and I have to tell you I just love your blog! Its a fun treat to check it every couple of days and see whats new!! Hope to see you again in the future. Erica

  4. Those are easily the prettiest Easter eggs I've ever seen :)

    Sarah @



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