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Nancy Reagan ...

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan's passing was such a loss for our country.  A woman with a life well lived who loved so passionately is such a rarity in the public life today.  Nancy had such grace and poise and conducted every aspect of her life with such elegance.  

In many ways she reminds me of my grandmother.  They were about the same age and both tiny but fiercely brave.  My Nana lived alone for many years and even though she was both mugged and her house robbed she refused to budge from the home and life she had created for herself.  She will always be remembered as a force to be reckoned with, but one who never stopped loving.  I can only hope that when I pass I too have left a true legacy for my children.  I hope I will be remembered as a woman who loved and lived with grace and passion.  A loyal woman who was always with her family and those she holds dear.  

Mrs. Reagan taught us all how to love our spouse and to do it well when the times are tough. Watching her care for her beloved in such a hard time made a huge impact on me.  A true Jackie Kennedy in so many ways and someone I will always hold in high regard. 


She will forever be remembered!


  1. Such lovely photos. I enjoyed the book of his love letters to her. So sweet.

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring woman. The world is a better place because of her contributions to our country. Thank you for this wonderful tribute and God bless America.



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