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Happy Dance! #friyay

Happy dance for sure!  It's the best day of the week with nothing but possibilities for the weekend!  I can't wait to have nothing on my to do list but family and besties!  Is there anything better?

What a week.  It was nothing short of incredible.  Seven days ago I was headed to the airport for two amazing days in Palm Beach and here I am today in my pink gingham jams with a large cup of steaming caffeine processing all that we saw, did and learned at Design Bloggers Conference.  It was A-MAZING for sure!  

This weekend I do have a to do list, but it is filled with only things I am excited to do.  No have tos, just wants.  That is the best to do maybe ever.  I am headed to Scott's Antique Market in the am, laundry and putting away all my new clothes from Palm Beach and the conference, lots of yummy meals and as many as I can alfresco.  Driving around in the Jeep with the top down absorbing this incredible spring sun and date night with the one I love.  I can't imagine a better schedule.  And yes, I do get excited to do laundry when it is full of spring and summer happy things!!

Have the best day ever!  See you back here on Monday with a week full of potential!


  1. This weather's been gorgeous, hasn't it! It's hard to be in a bad mood when its 80 degrees in March! Have a happy weekend!

  2. This FL girl also loves doing laundry when it's full of bright colors. That's why I wear my Lilly Pajamas year round in Chicago!



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