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Random Thoughts ... #03162016

I love that the caption on Pinterest says this ... 
You can either chose to live life in the front row or the third row.  
Look at those ladies loving life!!!

It's been a while since I wrote a random thoughts post, and it was way overdue.  I have so many random thoughts I have to jot them down in the notes section on my phone.  When I go back to make them into a post I ditch half of them as complete useless information.  Sometimes I even wonder ... what was I thinking that day?

Our kitchen from the Fall 2015 One Room Challenge was published!!!  The online article is here!

This announcement is a game changer for anyone who chooses to participate in the One Room Challenge.  #GAMECHANGER.  Y'all ... make the commitment, its six weeks and it will change your life.

My darling friend Katie was featured as one of the real Society Socials, she is just as darling as her apartment.  Pinky swear.

I just learned you can buy these biscuits in Fresh Market.  Excuse me while I stock my freezer!

I am madly in love with everything J Crew right now.  Madly I tell you.  I am dying for this blazer!  I want these, these, these and most definitely this baby.

You need this shirt STAT.

This bathing suit may be the most darling one I have seen in a while!

I bought these jeans and I am obsessed with them!  Comfortable and very flattering and I will be going back for the same pair in white!

This article is spot on.  And it is about a favorite of mine, Eddie Ross.

I am obsessed with this design firm.  Their portfolio is to die for fabulous and I am pretty sure I want to live in the Showroom.

I am in mourning now that The Bachelor is over.  I just adored every second of Ben.  I googled his tattoo ... and I may adore him even more!

My darling friend Andrea just had a blog makeover.  It's ah-mazing!!!

Speaking of the darling Paige Gemmel.  We met in Palm Beach two weeks ago and I simply love everything about her!

This darling girl just had twins.  I am dying over them.  Aren't they the cutest things ever?

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Thank you, Paige!! :)

    The Glam Pad

  2. Get outta here! I'm seriously running to Fresh Market this morning to grab some of Callie's biscuits. I've been planning a trip (1st one ever) to Charleston and they are on the list. Thank you, Paige! I love following you on Instagram and now here.

    Morgan aka @glamandgrits



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