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Skipper turns 40!!!

My darling bestie celebrated the big 4-0 last week and I can't possibly let that happy event pass without shouting her from the rooftops.  Amanda is such a fun and perfect addition to my gaggle of besties.  Incredibly smart and equally goofy, you can find her most days planning incredible adventures for herself and her darling family.  To celebrate her big day I felt it only necessary to carve out a day that would just be us.  In typical Paige and Skips fashion we ate, shopped and had another fabulous adventure!
My favorite question I got when I posted about her birthday was how the nickname Skipper began. It is pretty simple.  We both adore all things pink, green, preppy and Lilly.  We attended a conference together a few years ago and as I was hanging my Lilly pieces in the closet next to hers I noticed a major size difference.  She is quite petite and her clothes looked so much tinier than mine.  I remarked that it looked like Barbie and Skipper were sharing a closet.  It immediately stuck.  I have many friends that don't even know her real name.  Personally, Skipper or Skips as she is most referred to is the only name she needs for me!

We started the day with a stop to Callie's Hot Little Biscuits.  Having been treated to Callie's while in Charleston for last year's Summit I was thrilled to learn of their shop here in the city.  When I first moved to Atlanta in 1993 I rented a loft basement apartment on Vance Avenue in Virginia Highlands. Vance is one street from the corner of Virginia and Highland.  A darling area with amazing food and shopping.  I simply loved my time there.  It was so fun to be able to treat Skips to brunch at Callie's.

We stuffed our faces with their amazing biscuits.  Every single detail was amazing and the food was stuff worthy.  Lordy, they are sooo good.

I ordered three ... Blackberry, Peach and Black Pepper Bacon with peach basil jam.  Each one of them was di-vine!  They are small but incredibly flavorful biscuits.  Watching them make them it seemed so easy, but I know better.  As a southern wife and mama I am determined to master the art of biscuit making.  I did take notes, I promise.

I refused to leave even one bite behind.  I may or may not have only had a tiny dinner that night being so full from the morning.  It was worth every bite, and I would quickly do it again!  And washing it down with fresh mint sweet tea was simply perfection!  They also offer french press coffee which I am dying to try on my next visit!

We waddled walked the corner shopping and enjoying the incredible day.  Spring in Atlanta is like no other season.  It was the perfect sunny and mild day.  Of course being with a dear friend only made that better!

Leaving Virginia Highlands we headed to the new Ponce City Market.  I have been dying to check out this much buzzed about new area.  The shops are darling but the Food Hall was incredible.  I loved all the little food vendors inside offering the most incredible menus.  Of course, we couldn't eat one single thing so all we indulged in was a pair of King of Pops Popsicle.  I mean, every one has room for a Popsicle!  She chose Blood Orange and I chose Blood Orange Cream.  Hers was the best, although mine was pretty fabulous. 

We vowed to eat at the market once a month until we have visited each and every vendor.  I am not sure which one I am dying to try first, they all sounded and smelled so incredible, and that was with a full belly!!

My favorite part about being with my dearest of friends is the quality time!  We giggled, chatted and just celebrated our friendship. I can't imagine spending the day more wisely.  We always take off right after carpool and head home just in time to get our littles.  Being present for those you love is non negotiable.  I wouldn't chose to spend her birthday, or mine, any other way.  

On the way back to the burbs I stopped in to our favorite bakery to grab her a slice of her very favorite cake.  I added in darling candles I had picked up earlier, one for each decade of her magical life.  We lit them, sang and blew them out.  I know she enjoyed every bite of that incredible caramel cake.  It is the best in town for sure!!

Happy month dear Skips!!  You have been such a joy and blessing to me and I wouldn't chose to do this life without you!!  Best friends really are just that ... the best!!


  1. Thank you SO SO Much for the amazing day. You are such a treasure and I adored every single minute. Now, when are we headed to EAT?!

  2. It is so good to have a friend like this. Glad you had a nice time together. God bless you!



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