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One Room Challenge || The Details vol. 1

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am you loved the Den Reveal.  The emails, the comments, the texts, the calls ... each and every single one means the world to me.  We absolutely love the new space and all the light it provides in the house.  I still can not believe it is done and we get to enjoy this room.  Every morning I am greeted with light and color and nothing makes me happier.  It is like a present every single day. I am grateful for each and every one of you and the dedication you have to me and my blog.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Today I am super excited to share this post because it is my favorite part of each room ... the details. I love the details. Love. Them.  This room has so many fabulous things to share and so many special elements!  Since there are so many details to share I have broken this post into two parts ... I don't want to miss a single thing I need to share.

Let's begin with the mantle ...

Paige Gemmel created a custom painting for me for this space.  We originally chatted about pillows and then my best friend Lance suggested I upgrade pillows for a painting.  I immediately texted her and she was completely on board.  I might have danced around and squealed a lot.  The monkeys were an absolute and she suggested the vase in the center.  The orange tree is a nod to my grandparents and my time with them.  My grandfather owned a citrus harvest and hauling and I spent many summers driving through groves checking out the fruit with him.  To this day any collection of citrus pulls at my heart strings.  Paige nailed it with this painting and I could not love it more. Photos don't do it justice.  The gold chains might be one of my favorite parts. Her talent knows no end!! Keep your eyes peeled .... she is about to go viral in an even bigger way!!!

The jars are from the darling Jana Bek who just launched her brushstroke jar line.  Aren't they fabulous??  This is the smaller size and they are incredible and were perfect for the mantle!!  If you aren't following Jana you need to me.  She is kind and beyond talented!  And she just completed her own ORC on her bedroom!  You will love it!

I found the sconces on a shopping trip with Little Black Door in March and I love them.  I was intending to wire them and then Lance suggested I hang them next to the painting and my husband completely agreed.  Lance lovingly came over the night before he left for New Orleans and hung them and I love them here so much.

The green stands is an idea I stole from Lance who has an almost exact but taller pair.  I have borrowed his many times and it was time to have my own.  I love painting a stand ... it was a brilliant idea I can take zero credit for.  He also lent me his collection of Hermes boxes to fill in with my own. There is nothing more exciting than an orange box, right?

The fern in the fireplace ... I can't take credit for that either.  I had a screen up and Lance suggested I remove the screen and add the fern.  I hope this shows you that it takes a village to pull spaces together.  I rely on my incredibly talented designer friends for tips and critique.  I know what I like but we all need help.  I would be lost without the my go tos!!

The coffee table, one of my favorite elements in the room.  I knew I wanted a round table and searched and searched but couldn't find one I love that I could afford.  I almost had a Baker table and then it sold before I arrived.  Lance and David spotted this one and called me from Sanders Consign in Monroe so I could purchase it.  It is perfect for the room and the turquoise was a good call on my part.  It is large and holds so many fun things.  Round was a good choice and I am thrilled with this table!

I have wanted a large bowl for a while and when I found this one at The Enchanted Home I was immediately smitten.  Tina lovingly sponsored two pieces for the room, this bowl and the foo dog lamp you can spot in the upper left hand corner.  Stay tuned for a better shot of that amazing piece!!

The candy dish was my mother in laws and reminds me so much of my grandmother.  She always had a dish of candy on her round coffee table and I always snuck them when I was told no.  Hers usually had butterscotch candies which I loved.  She loved Jordan almonds and that was the perfect choice for this space with all of the amazing colors.

This pillow is incredible!!  Emily McCarthy created this custom couture monogram for me and it is me to a T.  Seeing it stitched on her gold metallic lumbar pillow was a fabulous treat.  I love it so much and it is perfect for the space and for me.  I definitely will be using this monogram on many things to come. At the moment I am planning to add it to our master bedroom.  #swoon

This shell bowl was made by Dodie Thayer as a gift to my inlaws.  It is signed to them and I was incredibly lucky to score it.  Dodie and my father in law went to school together and she quite often made pottery for them as gifts.  This is the single remaining piece.  The pale pink inside makes my heart skip a beat.  He still calls her Dodie Dubois which I think is precious.

We have a few Palm Beach coffee table books and I love them.  Since my husband is from Palm Beach county they are very special to us.  He has agreed to write a post for me about his childhood in what he calls the most amazing place to grow up on earth.  Stay tuned ...

These elephants are part of the Lilly Pulitzer Home collection and were a gift from Lance and David. I have many gifts from them in my house.  Each one of them means the world to me.  The elephants are named Lilly and Peter.  This one is Lilly.

This amazing vintage swan was also a gift from Lance and David and she is fabulous.  We used to feed the swans at the lake when I was little.  I have many memories of white bread in a long bag that I had to struggle to reach the bottom before a swan would nibble at my leg for more.  When I placed it here Lance suggested I fill it with multi colored roses like the ones at The Ivy in LA.  Brilliant idea and after scoring many dozens on Mother's Day I did just that.  The koi fish brass candles were found on a shopping trip on Mother's Day also with Lance.  They are heavy and solid and I love them.  Two hot pink candles and they were perfect here.  Those very large Rose Medallion lamps were a score I found in Anniston, Alabama in October.  The lady had $175 on the pair and sold them to me for $160.  For both of them.  I buckled those babies in my car so fast and drove away before she could change her mind.  I am addicted to those kinds of finds ... and when it happens it is incredible!!

To come in Vol, 2  ... the art, the bookcases, the bar cart and the drapery.  

All photos taken by Christina Wedge.

Happy Monday ... and thank you again for all the love.  It has been an incredible five days!! xo


  1. Thanks for all these details, Paige. I especially love all the sweet gifts from Lance and David. I can't wait for Paige's art to go live on her website and judging from Instagram, I am not the only one!

  2. Just fabulous and I love that every object has a sentiment, memory, story, nostalgia tied to it- it's not just a "finished" or decorated room. Of course, this displaced Floridian loves all the Sunshine State ties and the bright palette.

  3. There is so much great stuff in the room. Will you be so kind as to share where you were able to score the matching blue and white pottery? I can't seem to find matching pieces. I crave symmetry sometimes.

  4. Looking forward to your hubby's post as I grew up in Jupiter.

  5. I love how much thought went into this space...we burn a ton of fires all fall and winter, but now that the cold is behind us, I think I'm going to copy your fern idea for the warm months! I also am loving how much personal thought and detail went into your mantel painting! Cheers to a great ORC!!

  6. Reading back from today's post. '-)
    Your room is gorgeous! As I said in previous comment, love, love, love the painting over the mantel. The Dodie Thayer piece is a treasure. How exciting to have a piece of her pottery signed to your in-laws. Love her exquisite work!



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