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One Room Challenge || The Details Vol. 2

Like I stated in yesterday's post ... the details are the thing that truly make a room for me.  In sharing the details in our den reveal I had to break it down to two posts to truly share the story behind all of the details.  Honestly I could have made it three posts but that just might be overkill.

Today I am sharing the details behind the bookcases, the art, the drapery and the bar cart.  More goodness to come!

First up ... the bookcases!

In week 4 I decided to wallpaper the back of the bookcases with this amazing Schumacher Zanzibar Trellis from DecoratorsBest.  I had been looking at a different paper and even ordered a number of samples of it, but it just didn't seem to fit.  After my Schumacher rep visited and showed me sample after sample of their gorgeous collection I made the call to use the paper.  I am thrilled with the result!  I was quite nervous to have another paper installed after the kitchen debacle (another story for another day) but this experience was smooth and fabulous.  I am officially the girl who uses yellow wallpaper ... but I am perfectly ok with that!

The styling started with the blue and white porcelain.  I didn't have enough to style all of it and Lance generously offered to loan me some of his.  Since we have so many of the same pieces it worked perfectly.  He also loaned me about 2 dozen of his books from his immense collection since I had loaned some of my own out.  #bestfriendever!

One of my favorite things about the bookcases is the art on the outside.  Lance showed up at my house with the pair of prints that he had found and asked me if I wanted them.  They were literally perfect for the space and I am thrilled with where we decided to hang them.  I can not say it enough ... it is so fabulous to have such talent in my circle of friends.  I could not have pulled off the styling in this room or honestly the whole last week without many texts, photos and calls.  I was exhausted, stressed about many things, dealing with health issues and just couldn't focus.  My friends, and especially Lance, saved me.  I owe my life to my support system.

The hardware on the cabinets below the bookcases is swoon worthy.  The pulls are from Nest Studio and are new to their line, scheduled to be released soon.  In fact, I am the first person to use the Reveal pulls!  #humbled.  I love them ... they are heavy and brass and the bamboo details are incredible.  The 6 inch size truly made the space feel a whole lot less 1982 and definitely 2016. Thank you Nest Studio for sponsoring these.  They made the doors!!!

Art ...

Pineapple by Laura Dro
Double Tap by All She Wrote Notes
Abstract by Kayce Hughes

Sketch by Lance Jackson
Yes Please by All She Wrote Notes

I truly hope too many gallery walls isn't a bad thing since I seem to install them in almost every single reveal.  I just love a collection of art, don't you?  Most of the art in these two spaces is from Minted and I broke them down for you above to showcase each artist. Minted truly was incredible to work with ... the art arrived at my house on Saturday before the reveal.  There was a major delay and they worked tirelessly to make sure the order was complete and would arrive in time.  I was a nervous Nellie and they were so good to me.  One of the reasons I use them over and over!

The rest of the art has the best stories of all.  The pineapple canvas was lovingly donated by the sweet Laura Dro who reached out about half way through the challenge and suggested a piece of her art for the room.  I loved every single piece of art she had on her website and finally settled on the pineapple. I told her I needed to incorporate a little more blue to tie in the blue and white porcelain and she accommodated me.  Isn't it darling?  Her poolside and pagoda collection will slay you ... you must check it out!!!

The abstract from Kayce Hughes was a major score.  Lately Kayce has been offering her incredible sought after art on Instagram for a song.  First come, first served.  I stalked her down like crazy waiting for a piece I loved.  This piece is absolutely perfect and I can't believe I am lucky enough to own a Kayce Hughes piece.  #majorscore

The sketch by Lance means the absolute world to me.  This boy has so many talents.  I learned he could sketch about a year ago when I stumbled on a pile of them he had done while he was in school at SCAD.  I flipped out and begged for him to sketch one for me.  He suggested he make one for the den and I was beyond excited to have it hung.  After he searched half a Saturday for just the right size frame for my space he came over with inspiration and supplies in hand and knocked it out.  Let me add that he was only home for three days when he did this for me.  I actually had a teary moment during shooting the space thinking about that level of commitment.  Special doesn't even touch the way I feel. 

The last piece of art truly blows me away.  Amee Calloway also reached out to me about week 3 and asked if I would like a piece of her art for the space.  She was precious and her work is amazing!  We had a number of conversations but ultimately it came down to me showing her my mood board and her using her creative genius to create a piece.  I had no idea what it would look like until she sent me a sneak peek two weeks later.  I literally gasped.  How perfect is the piece?  I mean ... PERFECT. Thank you dear Amee for gracing me with an original piece of your work.  I will treasure it forever!  

Drapery ... 

The drapery is an amazing collaberation between the fabric artist ClaireBella Studio and the workroom Drawn Company.  I literally designed the style, chose fabric and trim and this team did every thing else.  The finished pieces showed up at my door in the complete perfection you see them today.  All I did was have them hung. The bamboo print was new to ClaireBella and Kathy custom colored it for the room.  It is perfect.  The trim choice was quite a story.  I had originally decided on a green trim that would have cost me $$$$$.  I just couldn't afford it so I switched to grosgrain ribbon. I could not find a green that worked after looking at ribbon company after ribbon company.  After thinking maybe orange would work I called my dear friend Natalie Chang. Natalie is the ribbon queen.  She pulled her samples and we chose a color over the phone.  I remember her saying to me, orange is a funny one.  You have to chose a good solid shade so it doesn't go all sherbet on you. Torrid Orange was the choice and I ordered it and off to Drawn it went.  And if I do say so myself ... the color is perfect!

The hardware is from LuxHoldups ... the leader in my opinion for lucite rods.  I had intended to mount them on the wall and my dear friend Lisa Mende suggested the ceiling.  A little wood putty and the rods were moved.  I am telling you ... it takes a village to complete a room peeps.  A village. LuxHoldups is so easy to work with and they have an incredible selection of lucite products.  They suggested the width of the rod and I love every single inch of it.  I am dreaming of a lucite handrail for the stairs ... stay tuned. 

Bar Cart ...

Tortoise Bar Accessories - Indigo Market Charleston
Brass Wine Glasses - Indigo Market Charleston
Pineapple Glasses - Blush Label 
Brass Champagne Bucket - Matters of Style 

The bar cart is the Audrey Butler Tray and Stand from Ave Home.  I loved the piece when I saw it on their website and they agreed to sponsor the piece.  I love having a bar cart here and we had a smaller piece here in the before pictures.  I just feel like it is perfect when we entertain to have a place to put the signature drink.  Yes, I know there is a bar directly to the right, but I need more space.  I know you are shocked.  #ha

The piece is from their Raw Collection. When it first arrived I could not decide which color to paint it.  I originally thought green then I settled on light pink.  When I asked my husband to tape off the brass trim on the top he asked me why I wanted to paint it.  He said ... "I love the amazing wood and thinks its perfect just the way it is".  He was absolutely right.  I love it raw!!

Custom Napkins - Emily McCarthy
Ginger Jar Lucite Tray - S & L Paper Co.

The tray is from S & L Paper Co.  Tammy drove over to my house the Saturday before reveal and hand delivered it to me.  She arrived just after the Minted art arrived and I was tearing into it and I was a mess with boxes every way the eye could see.  She saw past my messy self and still found the time to send me a darling email and a necklace just like the one she was wearing.  I complimented her on it and the next thing I know it shows up in the mail with a precious note.  What a lovely gesture, thank you so much sweet girl!

The Moon and Lola monogrammed finial ... don't you die?  When I was in Charleston for the Southern C (literally for just one day) Kelly suggested we add a monogrammed finial to the room. She doesn't make these but made one just for me.  Just for me.  I still can't believe it.  When it arrived I almost passed out.  She also sent me a bevy of jewels for the picture of me in the space.  I love you Kelly ... you are such a dear and treasured friend.  

Charm Bracelet ... its there, pinky swear!
Earrings - combo of these with these in pink on the back

Top - La Rogue
Shoes - Nordstrom
Jeans - Old Navy
Jewels - Moon & Lola (breakdown above)
Monogrammed Napkin - Winston's Collection

I did not realize at the time that the gold tassel necklace hadn't even been released.  I just noticed an email this am that it was online.  That element isn't lost on me.  Thank you Kelly for sharing a new piece with me!!

If I missed a detail you would like to know more about leave a comment or send me an email.  There are a lot of amazing things in the space and I don't want to leave anything out. I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with so many amazing sponsors who believed in me from just a mood board.  
And I will say it again,  without my family and dearest of friends I would not have finished this space.  I am incredibly lucky to have the support system I have.  Incredibly. Lucky. 

All photos taken by Christina Wedge who I will never be able to thank for her assistance.  Never!

Happy Tuesday lovies!!


  1. Paige, it is all so full of life! I love the bright colors. I find your room sophisticated yet feeling a touch of whimsey. Love the art over the mantel and the yellow wall paper. The art is beautifully displayed and perfect for the space. I do have a question. I love the brass wall shelves. Source please! '-)

  2. I would love to know where some or all of your blue and white vases/ginger jars are from! Love the room! I'm a Palm Beach girl turned Atlanta girl, and your style is close to my heart!

  3. I like the style of your decoration! Thanks for sharing with us and visit our website for luxury lighting and home decor online.



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