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Bar Cart Series ... No. 3 Mallory Mathison

Happy Friday!  I am back with another fabulous bar cart from another amazing creative.  This week's bar cart is from Atlanta Interior Designer Mallory Mathison Glenn.  Mallory created this bar cart for the 2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays and I love every single thing about it.

The room named "A Darling Affair" was created around a fictitious girl who would live in the space. Mallory described her as a "charismatic, curious and fun-loving girl about town".  She is a "lover of design both classic and contemporary".  I featured the entire space in a post and the photos of the space are simply spectacular.  I am pretty sure I would want to be best friends with Mallory's darling girl, truly we all would.  

"The stylish, quirky, thoughtful and spirited American girl who lives her life in “A Holiday Affair” has many attributes.  She has engraved calling cards, loves salt & vinegar chips with champagne and collects matchbooks from exclusive resorts and local watering holes.  She has a dominating tennis serve, hosts remarkable cocktail parties barefooted and Funny Face is her favorite movie.  In the summer you may see her shopping for sandals in Antiono Ruoco or sipping sangria at La Fontelina. Winters are perfect for perfecting her backhand at the Bath & Tennis and finding treasures along Dixie Highway. Her bags (a mix of Louis Vuitton and L.L. Bean) are always packed and she embraces adventure; which will certainly be fulfilled this holiday season!!"

The room which included the bedroom and sitting area included a darling brass bar cart.  I absolutely loved every single thing about Mallory's design.  One of the elements that caught my eye was the darling bar cart and when she posted a shot of it recently on her Instagram account I knew it was the perfect addition to the bar cart series.   

I love how the bar cart is styled.  It is ready to host anyone who pops over and it is also perfect for a little soiree with bottles of champagne wrapped and ready for her guests to take with them on their way home.  How darling is this?  Just another incredible way to use your bar cart.  

And the cart includes one of my must haves for every bar cart, fresh flowers!  I love how including a vase of flowers changes the feel of the cart and makes it feel like you stocked it with all of your favorite things.  And isn't this the perfect use for a bar cart?

I hope Mallory's incredible styling has inspired you to see your bar cart is a new way.  I love how she included vintage glasses, darling linen cocktail napkins and confetti.  I definitely need to include confetti in my next soiree.  I love how magical it looks on the top shelf of this amazing cart.

And those bottles of champagne wrapped in pink cello ... simply perfection. 

Well done Mallory, and thank you for sharing your bar cart with us.  It is full of color, amazing ideas and of course it provides eye candy for days!  Chin chin to an amazing weekend!  

All photos by the talented Laura Negri

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  1. It is my dream to have a bar cart! And someone special asking me in the morning what I want.



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