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Three Cheers for COFFEE!

Coffee is the best friend who greets me every single morning when I wake up.  My alarm goes off, I lay there for a few minutes, I read my devotion for the day and as soon as my feet hit the ground my first thought is coffee.  A hot, steaming and perfect cup of coffee.

I am very specific about my coffee and I truly don't start my day until I have consumed the first cup. When my husband began traveling five days a week I bought an extra Keurig and created a coffee bar in our master bathroom.  If I was going to be both parents during the week I definitely needed some help to do so. Truly it may have been the smartest thing I have ever done.  Not having to run downstairs to grab coffee while I am getting ready in the morning is a big deal.

For me the perfect cup of coffee is a dark roast blend with a splash of cream.  I like it hot and the minute it changes temperature it changes flavor for me.  I have been known to wash out a cup with a little left in the bottom for a fresh cup.  My favorite coffee at home is Starbucks French Roast and I use the individual servings of CoffeeMate creamer.  Since my creamer doesn't require refrigeration I can put a bunch of them in a blue and white bowl on my coffee tray in the bathroom.  I pour my creamer in before the coffee brews and then I don't even need a spoon.  Yes, I have thought through the details to make coffee as easy as possible in the morning.  The only down side, sometimes I forget to take my cup up when I head to bed.  #oops

I have linked all my favorites for the perfect cup of coffee below.  I am definitely a Keurig girl.  The clean up is worth every single cent and the coffee is exactly the same every single time.  I have a larger Keurig for the kitchen and the smaller color version upstairs and in the guest suite.  And I am a confessed coffee cup addict.  I love to grab a cup or two when I am traveling and then use them at home and remember my fabulous adventure.  My go to cups are my Ashley Brooke cups I linked below and my Kate Spade travel cups.  I mean who doesn't love a cup that greets them every morning calling them Mrs. Fancy Pants.  Umm ... #yesplease!!

Here's to hot coffee and a easy Monday!!  I will be enjoying my second cup in a few with some amazing morning tunes!!

Happy Monday!

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