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Five Ways to Revamp a Room Today with Deep South Details

I met the darling girls of Deep South Details when I attended The Southern C in April.  I have said it many times but it is so very true.  The Southern C is the perfect place to connect with and meet so many amazing creatives.  The conference draws incredible people hoping to connect, collaborate and create with others.  Meeting Dana and Kendall was a huge treat for me.  This duo of creative energy is rather new to the scene of podcasts but has quickly busted into the arena with their weekly dose of inspiration.  

I was thrilled when they asked me to record a podcast with them.  I am new to the world of podcasts but it has quickly grown on me as a fabulous resource for instant inspiration.  I love a good interview and informative session, always leaving with my wheels spinning and ready to take on something new.  The girls gave me a fun topic ... Five Ways to Revamp a Room Today.  Since I am the self confessed queen of changing things up in my own world this topic was right up my alley. 

The podcast is live and can be heard here.  I have some visuals for the topic and have shared them below.  All five of these tips can be done today and without much more than a small amount of money and some gold old fashioned elbow grease.  I find I do my best work when we either have guests coming or it is late at night and I need to feel creative.

image by Dixie Delights

Add in fresh flowers -  

Fresh flowers always brighten any room and make it instantly more personal. I shop for flowers every Monday and add them all around the house in places we will enjoy them most.  My favorites are; all colors of roses, hydrangeas, peonies and a mixture of roses and seasonal flowers.  In the late summer months right before school s starts I gravitate toward sunflowers!  I find that adding flowers to our home instantly brightens my mood.  You can use flowers to freshen a room, enhance a set table, add a pop of color to a bar cart and to add a personal touch along with a lit candle to a powder room.  

I am a creature of habit when it comes to flowers creating the same look over and over again.  I am completely ok with that fact, I do what works for me.  There is no need to create a large arrangement each week or to commit to the variety bunch at the market.  I chose a few colors of roses or a mixture of roses and hydrangeas and mix them up adding in an element of something different when I feel the calling.  Flowers don't need to be extravagant to be beautiful.  I am trying my best to fall in love with the carnation as its ruffle edges are incredible and they last so long.  A vase full of short cut carnations bunched together to look like a large mum is a great look. 

image by Christina Wedge

Paint - 

A fresh coat of paint can drastically change any room.  I have painted our dining room Chinese red, green and now pink.  Every single time the room has had a completely different feel.  I painted both the top and the bottom of the walls pink in the fall and I think this may be the best color choice for the room yet.  Previously the lower section was white to anticipate an addition of wanes coating but on the advice of a dear friend I painted the entire wall pink. 

I love how a room feels so different with a new coat of paint.  A tired and sad room instantly becomes the life of the party with a happy, glossy color.  Just as we feel sassy with a new outfit a room can instantly feel new again with a new color.  I am a girl who loves a bright color but truly any color will do.  Chose the color that speaks to you.  If you truly dislike it after two weeks bite the bullet and spend the $40 and buy another gallon or two.  

Our back hall was a pale yellow for a long time and now the bright yellow color greets me every single time I walk in the door.  Why I left it alone for so long is beyond me.  That little space needed some love and now that it is bright and happy it makes me so much happier walking in from the garage!

image by Christina Wedge

Add color to the ceiling - 

I see the ceiling as another perfect place to add color and I love a painted ceiling. A lot of the ceilings in our home are painted and the ones that aren't just feel naked. I love when I finally add a color to the ceiling, it gives my eye something to enjoy all the way up the wall.  

Our laundry room was a sad state before I made it over for the One Room Challenge in the spring of 2015.  Now even the laundry room which can easily be the most dreaded room in the house is a happy place.  Dare I say it makes me want to do laundry?  I only wallpapered one room in the space so the ceiling was a major source of color in the remaining white space.  I chose the pretty pink color of the peony and I love it so.  

With my love of color I need to make sure I use every single space I can in the room to add color and pattern and the ceiling is a most often forgotten space.  I find the minute I paint a ceiling I feel like the room is complete. 

image by Christina Wedge

Hang a collection on the wall - 

I have a number of collections and my favorite way to display them is hanging on the wall.  On the back stairs and in the office I have a collection of vintage oil paintings, in the powder room I have a collection of antique silhouettes and in the dining room a collection of blue flow plates.  For me it adds immediate personality to a room.

We spend so much time collecting things we love and we need to show them off.  What better way then to hang them on the walls.  It doesn't have to be a large display but I would rather hang something that means a lot to me on the wall then something I paid for and don't love.  I would rather hang a cluster of vintage oil paintings than one store bought mass produced piece that I am not invested in.  

image by Christina Wedge

image by Christina Wedge

Add a fun mirror - 

I love mirrors and we have them in quite a few rooms in our home.  I love to see things reflected in them and I love how they add instant square footage when you add them.  In the bar area I really wanted something fun on the back wall and the green ruffle mirror was perfect. I love that it shows off the den and then also adds the feel that the bar is actually bigger than it truly is.  I almost mirrored the shelving area and then when we chose the amazing Meg Braff wallpaper I decided against it.  The large green mirror was a much better plan for the space.  

If you don't have one large mirror a grouping of like styles also makes an amazing statement.  I have a few old antique gilded mirrors I have grouped together in the past and I love the look.  The idea is to create more space and a new visual element.  It can be one large incredible mirror, a fun mirror in a new fabulous color or a grouping of amazing smaller pieces. 

My best advice for revamping a room is to remove everything and start again.  Even if you put every single item back in put it back in a different spot.  It will instantly feel new.  Of course a new color would take it to the next level and then a collection or three of fresh flowers and a lit candle makes it even happier.  

I hope I have inspired you to take on that space that is haunting you when you walk by. You don't have to change every single element to revamp a space.  And you definitely don't have to spend a mortgage payment to make it feel new.  Simply restyling it with new accessories and changing up the furniture will make a huge difference.  Trust me, my husband will attest to my stash of accessories in the basement for just this reason. 

For more inspiration make sure you subscribe to Deep South Details and check out more of their amazing podcasts.  Thank you cute girls for including me.  What a fun morning!!


  1. Love all your tips! And, how cute are you??? So nice to finally be able to put a voice with a face.

  2. I met Dana at the Southern C, too, and just loved her! Their podcast is so fun...can't wait to listen to yours!

  3. I loved meeting Dana at the Southern C, such a great spirit and burst of creativity! I love your tips above, especially the one about painting the ceiling. I still laugh thinking about my husband's face when I told him we were painting my daughter's nursery ceiling coral pink! He thought it was the worst bout of pregnancy brain yet, too funny!

    Erin, Attention to Darling



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