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Hydrangea Love

our entry 

My love for hydrangeas runs deep and wide.  They are just the perfect summer flower for me. Driving past yard after yard with large bushes full of blooms makes me crave to have a yard of the same for myself.  Something about that large white, pink or bluish purple bloom just makes me want a sea of them.  Add in a white fence and I am a goner.

My goal this summer is to stock our yard full of hydrangea plants.  Many different varieties and colors which I understand I will have to work to create.  I am inspired by every yard around screaming summer and sadly mine only showing the large blooms indoors.  Each Monday I add fresh flowers to the house and I should be cutting them from my own yard instead of buying them.  Don't you agree?

Do you have any tips?  I have planted them once before but apparently I planted a shade variety in full sun.  I will confess my thumb is not even a little black ... I would actually call it brown since I seem to kill just about anything I plant.

Wish me luck ...

Images via here and here.


  1. Ours are gorgeous this year. The colors so vibrant!! Limelights LOVE sun, the other varieties not so much. We have some that get sun, but only for part of the day. They wilt easily in sun, but thrive once watered again. Also, limelights bloom off dead wood so they need to get cut back after the season (fall). The others bloom off of dead wood, so a heavy pruning might result in no blooms the following year. Good luck!!

  2. Love them too -- I didn't know limelights need sun - our landscape planner plopped a few dozen in a shady spot -- good thing I didn't buy them yet!!

    Anyone have any idea what the white ones are called?

  3. I'm doing the same thing this year! I'll be following this post for hints and will be looking forward to your pix. We also planted a few plants last year in full sun and needless to say we're starting over this year but will be moving to the back and side yards. I'm also finally adding peonies and lilacs. Are the greenish white ones the limelights? Best of luck to you! And me too!

  4. I am a hydrangea enthusiast here in Southwest, Virginia. Limelights do love sun, but can also do well in afternoon shade. The white one's that were inquired about are probably Annabelle's or Oak Leaf. They are fabulous but are pruned yearly. Another varietal not mentioned is Vanilla Strawberry. They are from the same family as a Limelight, their stalks are stronger, they do well in sun or sunny areas with afternoon sun and are reliable bloomers that require little care. Remember that "HYDRATE" is implied in the word Hydrangea. They have to have water and over fertilizing will result in more leaves and less blooms. There's a great article in the Greensboro, NC magazine O Henry, by Lee Rogers. If you could fine it on line, the information is easily understood and most helpful! takes a couple of seasons for Hydrangeas full beauty to shine!!!

    1. Google O Henry Magazine, Greensboro, NC. The name of the article is Hydrangea Madness by Lee Rogers.
      Thanks, Anna Gehrken, Martinsville Va

  5. Beautiful! Wish you look! Waiting for results.

  6. We are literally on the same page. I just planted my first two hydrangea plants in our front yard and i stare at them every day after work and they refuse to magically blossom when I want them to. My mother-in-law's house was flooded in October (up to the ceiling!) and all of her hydrangeas look better than ever. How is that possible??

  7. I'm just back from a mission trip and catching up on blogs... I blogged about my Hydrangea Love last month here,
    They are in planters because of our big dogs ( Goldens are not dainty in the garden LOL) I'm in Atlanta too and have a variety of hydrangeas. They are easier than you think to grow. Put them in the right place in your yard and water them enough and you are good to go. They are my fave and they are loaded with blooms this year all over Atlanta! It's inspiring me to plant more!!!

  8. 1st year-they weep, 2nd year they creep, and 3rd they leap! Water, water, water. By all means put a "drip" system on them early years. Nikko blues & Annabelle's need to prune off blooms late July;I do not prune back the stems so as not to disrupt new blooms. Limelights prune back stems late winter or very early spring. Neko's part shade/part sun, I would say more shade then sun- if they can get early sun helps dry off leaves to avoid mildew & leaf rot. I have over 30 hydrangeas & this year has been exceptional. They loved the mild winter here in NC.

  9. thanks, Junell -- great tips!!

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