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Chin Chin ... Its Friday!

Did that short week feel super long to anyone else but me?  I swear I was just relaxing with my family for Memorial Day, but it also feels like three weeks ago.  #wow.

I have a yummy cocktail for you to try ... and no thanks necessary.  I so wish I could invite each of you over and treat you to a drink and an amazing appetizer.  Doesn't that sound amazing?!!


(recipe via Cathead Vodka)
1 oz Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka
4 oz Champagne
3 fresh raspberries
Mint (my addition)

If you are new to Honeysuckle vodka you are in for an amazing treat.  Super delish and the combinations are endless. 

 And perfect for summer!!

Happy Friday lovies!


  1. Oh, yum -- think I'll skip the mint, but otherwise . . . delish!!

  2. I'm actually quite new to Honeysuckle vodka but I wouldn't mind trying it. It looks great in the photos so I think it would taste great too. Gotta go out and find that Honeysuckle vodka, it might help ease my tired body from a workout. :)



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