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Table dreaming ...

I absolutely love styling tables.  I love to play with all of the elements and change it out until I find just the right combination of plates, napkins, flatware and glasses.  Adding in the center elements and flowers is just icing on the cake.  Truly it is like styling an outfit or anything else, you start with one inspirational piece and go from there. 

For the Fourth of July I am leaning toward a simple table with a statement element.  I am not sure what that element is quite yet, but I am searching and scouring my stash for just the right jumping off piece.  I have some amazing plates I picked up the other day that I am dying to use and some darling napkins I can't wait to style, but the rest of the elements are escaping me.  

I need some serious inspiration ... 

image not properly credited on Pinterest
(if you know source please share!)

I think I am drawn to the perfection of blue and white due to its classic feature.  It literally partners with everything.  I love that the same blue and white dishes I use today were used by Lawyer's family as he was growing up.  Truly blue and white might be the perfect starting point for any table.  

I am loving the simplicity of the red and white ribbon in the first and last photo.  I adore how it is such a tiny element but yet is so perfect to finish off the center of the plate. I am also very drawn to a red and white tablecloth.  I need to find one fast.  I do have a red and white gingham one but I think the table would be better with an older pattern, maybe a vintage piece?

Oh, and the amazing red and white carnations from Carolyne Roehm's table?  Those are absolutely fabulous.  My dear friend Natalie is always cheering for the carnation and it might be time for me to embrace it.  Those are fabulous!!

Off to find my tablecloth and pull my table design together ... 

Happy Tuesday lovies!

1 comment:

  1. I could be happy at any one of these tables. I love red, white, and blue. Happy 4th!



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