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Bar Cart Series No. 7 ... Lavin Label

The incredible creatives for this fun series just get better and better and today I have a fabulous tastemaker to share with you.  Monica Lavin is the creator of Lavin Label a go to for me for incredible products and ideas.  I first discovered Lavin Label in an Emily McCarthy blog post and once I opened her website I just couldn't stop reading.  Her styling is impeccable and each post is like an issue of a magazine. Her Instagram feed is fabulous, I constantly find myself screen shooting and making notes to try something amazing she has suggested. You will love Monica and every single thing she does.

I was thrilled when she agreed to let me showcase her work.  She is the perfect fit for the bar cart series and has shared an amazing bar cart she recently styled for Birch Lane.  As you scroll through the photos you will notice immediately why I adore her work so much.


 First of all, how did your path to Lavin Label the lifestyle blogger/stylist extraordinaire begin?

I started Lavin Label a little over a year ago as a creative outlet that I could work on a regular basis. About 5 months into blogging, I realized I wanted to transition to working on LL full time. I took a huge leap of faith and haven't looked back since! 

Anything you wish you had done and didn't do?

I don't have any regrets yet! Everything with Lavin Label has been a blessing and it's been a wonderful experience to watch it grow tremendously in such a short amount of time.

Share two people who have inspired your career and why?

Anyone who truly loves what they're doing! I am in awe of people who take a chance on something they're passionate about, even if it's intimidating or they're met with resistance! I also love women who mentor and empower others to help them reach their dreams.

What inspires you to create?

Travel is certainly my greatest source of inspiration. However, I also draw inspiration from my everyday life and surroundings, including colors, culture and even landscape! 

Favorite thing to style?

Fashion! I like to cover fashion because I enjoy the process of creating a story line and a sense of place. It's not only about the dress but you also have to consider where would you wear the dress? What's a fitting occasion? How can this outfit be relatable?

Favorite item on your desk?

Iced Vanilla Chai Tea! I also love having my two springer spaniel pups nearby.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I love spending time in my beautiful neighborhood, whether it's a leisurely evening bike ride or going for a walk with my dogs.

If we spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

I'd likely be lounging by the pool under a beach umbrella. You would catch me wearing my Marysia Swimsuit with Eliza Gran pom pom beach bag, and I would hopefully be sipping on a frozen margarita (hold the salt).

Five must haves.

Every blogger needs internet access! Haha. I also work to surround myself with uplifting friends and family, a positive outlook on life, plenty of sunshine, and of course, fresh flowers. 

Happy Friday lovies!!  I know Monica has inspired you to restyle your bar cart for the weekend and to try her amazing cocktail.  Doesn't it look incredible?

Flowers: The Vine Garden Market

Bar Cart + Vases: Birch Lane
Calligraphy: Kara Anne Paper
Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography

Thank you Monica for letting me feature you and this amazing story.  I am inspired by you with every single post you share.  I adore your style and can't wait for the day we meet in person!  

The original story can be found here along with all of her sources and some incredible tips on how to style your own bar cart.  

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