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Random Thoughts #072516

I am definitely feeling summer flying by this Monday morning ... only a month left of the glorious days of sun and fun.  #sigh  By the way, did you know that Lilly Pulitzer releases one of these every day at 5 pm on Instagram?  I just love them!

My favorite shoes are 60% off the sale price right now and you will love them all!!  Check out these, these and of course THESE!

I have been wearing this shirt on repeat lately, so much so that I need to order it in a different color!  I am thinking seersucker!!

My new favorite book.  I am not sure if I love the book more or the darling sassy sisters?  They are pretty fabulous and of course I adore Babs and Susu!

These monogram finials arrived Friday afternoon and I can't wait to make lamp shades for Little Bit's room and install these babies today!  How fabulous are they??

Oh and if monograms aren't your thing you can get pagodas and pineapples!  Say what?!!!!

My favorite artist is selling some of darling art as prints!  You can purchase Paige Gemmel art here!

I love wearing scarves and I am definitely always looking for a new way to sport my favorite accessory.  I love this shirt and my new scarf!  (And no, that isn't a spill on my scarf, the print is darling and has cute spots!)

Here is my favorite go to for scarf tying ideas ...

I am sure you have ordered the pink drink by now ... how about the orange drink?

The most popular blog post last week and last month!

I love these glasses, monogram cocktail napkins and this shirt is the best.  I noticed it is sold out online but this one that feels the same is still available.

I just bought this and I can't wait to put it outside!!

Have you met the darling girls of Dear Keaton?  You would love them and their amazing products.  I own this and can't get enough of it.  I am trying to figure out how I can wear it all day everyday.  The amazing kaftan is the one in the photo below.  It feels amazing on!

A few of my favorite Instagram accounts list here.  You need to follow this girl and this duo and this account is eye candy for days!  No thank you required!

It may be Monday but you got this!!  Extra caffeine, music loud and bright colors on and your day will be amazing!!

Happy day lovies!!!

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