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Framing Original Art

When I finished the den One Room Challenge I was lovingly gifted an original piece of art drawn by the talented Mari Robeson.  She surprised me on Instagram with the incredible depiction of the swan planter in the den and I am still blown away by her generosity.  The artwork is incredible and it captures the essence of the space in the room perfectly.  I still can't help but just stare at it and let my eye soak up all of the details.

Isn't it amazing?  

When I thought of framing the piece I truly wanted to frame it with the same care as Mari put into each element of the painting.  I immediately thought of Framebridge.  I loved the piece so much and didn't want to add a mat and wanted the frame to truly fit the piece perfectly.  Framebridge framed a few of my son's graduation photos and they are my favorites in the gallery wall in the upstairs hall. The frames were perfect and the care they took with my original photos made a big impression on me.

If you have never worked with Framebridge you will immediately notice something special about their customer service.  You can either upload your photos to them for framing or they can ship you a container to ship your item to them.  Since my piece was an original I chose the second option.  A box arrived at my house and after putting my piece in it with the instructions they sent I dropped it off at UPS.  Easy, peasy.

About a week or so later another box arrived at my door containing my original framed art in the incredible frame I chose.  It was easy to make a decision once I uploaded a picture of my artwork and played around with frame options until I found the one I thought fit the piece perfectly.  I chose the Mandalay and it is truly so fabulous I almost can't stand it!  I mean thin gold bamboo frame ... you had me at hello!

I squealed when I opened the box.  I absolutely love it, the frame is just what I wanted for the piece and the care they took in framing my special piece has made me an instant Framebridge customer for life.  I mean ... you know how I feel about a handwritten note. #special

I could not be happier with my swan.  A special piece made just for me from a special room in our house framed just the way I hoped and now hanging in our bar area.  It makes me happy every time I spot it.  Isn't he darling?

Thank you Framebridge for the amazing customer service and the perfect product delivered to my door. We love it so ...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. First, what a thoughtful gift. The drawing is spectacular! And, before you even said which frame you picked I was guessing bamboo. Perfect. Thanks for the info on this company.

  2. I've used Framebridge a couple of times and am about to send them three more pieces. Wonderful products, customer service, and prices!!!

  3. Lovely idea! Perfect for a gift! Thank you!



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